Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling Very Blessed ~

Have you ever seen such an adorable little face???? My precious granddaughter was showing a little independence this week when she was here. She put on her little boots...on the wrong feet of course, but too one arm in her jacket and put on her little hat. Then she proceeded to try and open the door. I said "Annika, daddy isn't here yet...he is at which she gave me quite the look and replied, "Mommy wuk...daddy wuk...." I just love to hear her talk! I enjoy her so so much and am blessed that they live only a few miles away ( unlike my other two children who live two and three hours away) so I get to see her often.

I also think of those who have lost loved ones at this time of year and feel so blessed that I still have all my family . My husbands cousin lost her 27 year old son in a tragic accident this past week . He left behind a wife and three young children so please say a prayer for them as you celebrate with your loved ones this holiday season. Blessings!

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miss gracies house said...

Yes, she is adorable!