Friday, December 12, 2008

Antique Mercury Glass Ornaments

I absolutely love anything that is antique mercury glass or silver. I have accumulated quite a few very old silver Christmas ornaments and once again, I happened to start collecting these right before the prices went sky high . I have displayed several of them in my large apothcary jar and I love the look. I have taken pictures from different sides so you can see all the amazing shapes of these old ornaments. I also have some displayed on my tree and other places around my home, but I love this look ! Blessings!


Alice W. said...

Gorgeous! I wish I had some!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Your decorations are lovely... I am off to Toledo to see my girlfriend's Christmas and a little spot she has in a shop. Barb the Manager of Patinaa... the shop you visited in Blissfield.... I have to take my camera so I can post pictures. She is all shabby and pink roses... Have a great day Sandi

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Hi Sandi,
Pretty ornaments...I think I'm behind in these...I didn't know to watch for them, and now they are probably all snatched up!

Thanks for the comment on my blog about my dad. And your parents are sure both facing huge health issues; they must both have positive outlooks to go through all this. I prayed for them tonight. Hugs, Heidi

Anonymous said...

I have sodmecolored. Class chistmas ordments trying to sell them write me