Thursday, August 20, 2009

Computer Woes ~

Now doesn't my little GD look about five or six instead of two years old??
Goodness...she is such a sweetheart!

I wanted to apologize for not making it to very many blogs lately. My poor computer seems to be running slower all the time especially when we get rain. {and we have been deluged lately} As most of you already know I live out in the boonies and we are on dial up. I think satellite may be available here finally , but it cost an arm and a leg and right now we don't have any extra limbs to spare. lol

It is very frustrating that my kids get their super high speed cheaper than we get our dial-up. Okay enough complaining for one day. I do want so bad to go to all your blogs and leave comments, but so many of them just take forever to come up or don't come up at all before I get frustrated and just quit. I went to pay a bill online yesterday and the little thing at the top just kept spinning and spinning and spinning. Finally I got up and yelled to the naughty computer, "OKAY FINE I will send it in the mail".{ Hee Hee} I hope no one was outside listening to this crazy lady.
I promise you I will get to as many as I can when this thing is working better!
I am always there in spirit.


Lady Farmer said...

Hi Sandi~
I have been following you for some time now but don't think I have ever commented!
Your granddaughter is precious!
I also have dial-up and know just how you feel. It can be sooo very frustrating and I have sent my two cats running for cover many a time with my rantings and crying about this crazy computer!!! Mine picks on different web sites weekly to cause havoc with. I am quite sure everyone on my list will be 'chosen' eventually!
So, go ahead and yell ~ it makes us feel better somehow. I won't think anything of it; I'll just smile and nod my head knowingly and tell myself,'it's just Sandy and her naughty computer!'You can do the same when you hear me!:~P
Blessings from the Farmhouse!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles! My computer is slow too but better than your I'm sure!
Love the GD!!
Hugs, Lisa

June said...

Oh Sandi, I feel your pain. I can't believe that I put up with it for so long. Now that I'm on high speed, I love my computer again. I resisted it for so long, just like I do any kind of change, but now I'm content.

Splendid Little Stars said...

uh oh, she's talking to her computer!
Your GD is so very precious!

Wizard of Was said...

Boy do I get the dial up thingy...I also live in the sticks and dial up gets rather challenging (especially when it comes to getting thos pictures...I want them and I want them NOW!...but that doesn't work, so you just deal with it, huh? Anyway when you come back give me a visit so I know you are back

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh Sandi :-( dial-up is nothing short of painful, I remember when we didn't have an affordable option.I feel for you! The funny thing is when it rains really hard my phone line goes out and I'm not out in the country. Quite often my power goes out because a critter gets in the box;snakes, suirrels and gophers. Someone turned off my water a few weeks ago. I never could have lived in the Little House on the Prairie days.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl she is....
My computer & I have a love/hate relationship! LOL!! (actually I think it is a hate/hate relationship....) My daughter tells me that I need a new one. I tell her I don't think so!!
I will limp along & complain about this until it completely gives up!!
(or I do!)

Holly said...

Oh Sandi, I would miss my DSL so much! I can't imagine going back to dial up!

Enjoy your grand girl! Wish I could see mine! ♥

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, I do understand...this thing makes me want to say "madder" words.(Especially with picnik) I do better if I multi-task: clean-up while I wait.