Friday, August 21, 2009

Kimmell House Inn Storm ~

I just had to share this photo with you.
If you have been following my blog you have read about
our past getaways at my cousin's bed and breakfast
This tree in front of the Inn was literally uprooted and fell during a storm this past week. This was a HUGE tree! They are very thankful that none of their customers or their vehicles were hurt.
I think if you click on the photo it will enlarge and you will be able to tell that part of it landed on their gorgeous iron fence.
So thankful they are all okay! Blessings~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my gosh....

stefanie said...

oh do i know how that is, we lost two beautiful trees in a storm, i was so sad, her tree was beautiful, i know it will be missed.

Amanda Kaake said...

Wow! So glad the house is ok and that they are ok.

Miss Gracie's House said...


Shabby Kim said...

How sad!! Thank goodness the tree did not hit the Inn. We had some nasty and very unexpected storms w/tornadoes go through Minneapolis and SE suburbs on Wednesday afternoon close to heart of downtown Minneapolis and LOTS of trees were lost in the storms. Was so unexpected, even the National Weather Service and local meterologists were taken completely by suprise. There weren't any tornado watches, warnings or anything. Not even a thunderstorm warning although it had been raining most of the day with temps only in the upper 60's. The tornadoes just popped up out of nowhere and no one knew it was coming until it was practically on top of them. Very scary. Luckly I work and live just north and west of the areas that got hit so am very thankful for that.

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

You never know when a tree may fall, there is no warning. So glad everyone was OK.


Hi Sandi:

...So glad no one was hurt...Saw the pic of the Inn looks lovely.

Can really relate to the lost though. Our GIANT oak (about the tallest thing in the neighborhood) came down in a storm this spring. Thank God most houses set back far enough from the street. A neighbor setting on her porch said seconds after a car passed under it, the tree came down and blocked the entire street...

We also lost about 1/3 of our front hedge... (They stood 4ft high and are irreplaceable) still we are grateful no one was injured – or worst.

Thanks for stopping by.