Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet EVA ~

Isn't she so sweet! I went to her antique store again Saturday and spent a couple hours
digging around and seeing what treasures I could find.
I asked her if I could take her picture and without hesitation she said,
"Why SURE"
and then she graciously thanked me when I was done
{she usually wears purple , but today she surprised me with red} ~
This is what you will see as you drive up to the store
She is closing in November ~ When you enter the doors she will tell you that almost everything is 75% off, but there are some things that are marked firm and they are now 1/2 off~ This was my first photo as I entered the store~
As you can see she still has gobs of goodies just waiting for
the right person to come along and purchase~
Dishes galore~
Love these statues. If I remember right I think the smaller one was
marked $200 so now it would be $50. I have no idea if that
is good or bad ~
All magazines are $1.00 each ~
All kinds of boxes and tins ~
Piles of these signs
10 cents each now~
Remember me telling you in previous posts that the downstairs
is just full of books and ephemera? This is the shot as I walked down the stairs and this is only
There are several...
another separate room~
All the books downstairs are 90% off unless they are marked
$10.00 and under and those are now $1.00 each.
Maybe from these photos you can see why I continue to go back
periodically and come home with a few inexpensive treasures.
I wish I could take you all with me.
Eva told me that she hopes a rich man comes along
and buys the place and then hires someone to run it.
Too sweet...
I will miss her ~



Marilyn said...

OMGoodness.... I was beginning to salivate!! What a great shop & 75% off!! WOO HOO... Have some fun for me!!

Melinda said...

Eva seems like a sweet lady...and I would love to dive into that shop as well! Such nice goodies!

Lady Pamela said...

Nice job on the new banner, Sandi. Did you make it yourself?

alicew said...

I would have so much fun looking through all those things...and probably leave with no money lol! Love that little statue too! I want, I want!

I am in love with your new banner Sandi! It is so refreshing and beautiful!

junkdreams said...

So happy Pamela directed you to my blog as now I have found your gorgeous blog. Your photographs of those hydrangeas are absolutely stunning!!! Will come back and visit often!!

Piney Rose said...

I love the pic of Eva - I feel I know her- can even hear the way she talks. I would be in heaven in her shop!!

Holly said...

I bet she can tell some good stories! ♥

Betty said...

I could pass away a few hours there...please tell her I enjoyed 'meeting' her...

Betty @ Country Charm

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a smile! And that does look like a place to ge *lost* shopping in!