Friday, August 14, 2009

The Secret of the Stars ~

She was in the garden
The moon was in the sky
When, it strangely happened,
He just then passed by!
So they did as folks should do,
Formed a study class of two.
Now the place to study
Is beneath the trees,
For you know how dangerous
Is the evening breeze.
Stars and moon much better show
Underneath a tree you know.
So the moon moved upward
Like a radiant queen,
While they talked astronomy,
(As it's ever been)
But I think he watched her eyes
Great deal more than starlit skies
Little curls blew softly
Stirred by moonlit breeze;
Shadows played across them
Underneath the trees;
And the old moon didn't mind
That their hands were close entwined,
Took no notice of them
In the garden there,
Did not even listen
To the maiden fair;
Heeded not the words she said
As she shyly raised her head.
"People tell their fortunes
By the stars", said she,
"Think you they could tell me
What's in store for me?"
And she turned her shining eyes
From the study of the skies.
Now, What happened after,
I can never tell!
If he told her fortune,
If it pleased her well!
Moon and stars their secrets hold
And they smiled on them I'm told.
Their secret will be guarded
Till the earth grows old,
Till many another story Of youth and maid are told.
If you doubt that this is right,
Ask the stars yourself some night.
What a sweet story! I purchased this vintage little booklet some time ago
and was just looking it over and reading it again today.
I just love the writings of long ago...

Somone has written on the back,
"This is in reference to Carl's and my courtship
at the Burton home. This little booklet
brings back memories of many happy days together".

How sweet is that? I just had to share...
(All the photos come from the book as well)


Lisa said...

That is so cool , thanks so much for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi.... I was in the pool today and have been running my portable air conditioner the past two days and have been real comfortable... Tomorrow will be the pool and the air. Tom is in a golf outing all day .... I will just enjoy myself.... This weekend could be rough for us whom struggle with heat... I wished I didn't but I always have... Enjoy you weekend...

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Beautiful book! I love those vintage and romantic little things. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little booklet! Just love the illustrations!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is sweet!
Have a great weekend!

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh mom, how lovely!!!!!!!!!!