Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rainbows, Bed Races & Busy Bees ~

A local town that my son lives in was having their
175th anniversary celebration this weekend
and the town had all kinds of fun things planned.
Last night we went to the
{Only in a small town right?}
They had part of the street blocked off for this event.
It was fun to watch because we have never seen this done.
One group was pulling their bed so fast that they lost control
of it and wiped out the 8 foot table
in the middle of the street that had the supplies on.
While we were there it started raining and I was able
to get a picture of this beautiful double rainbow.
I wish I had gotten a better picture because not too long after I took this one
it was much brighter looking, but I was all out of memory card. :(
Grandma's busy bees. These little gals had such a fun time together. They don't see each other very often and it was fun to watch them play. Of course everything was "MINE", but they did so good sharing! I don't think they have slowed down at all. They just steam around here like little busy bees all the time. Annika always loves my candles so she showed them to Keira too. Keira loves to make her "CHEESE" face like she did in this photo. We are going to make grilled pizza at my sons place in a little while so I need to get all the fixin's around. Have a wonderful evening~ Blessings~


Marilyn said...

What little Sweeties!!

June said...

HI Sandi,
Two beautiful little girls you've got there. I bet you are having a great time watching grandbabies and bed races.