Sunday, November 8, 2009

Button Integrity ~

integrity {in-teg-ri-tee}
soundness of moral character; honesty
{please realize that I am not posting this to bring
any glory to me whatsoever, but to thank my parents
for raising me with integrity}

A lady had so much fun shopping at one of her favorite
antique stores and was so excited when she found
exactly what she was looking for
ivory buttons.
lots of buttons.

this lady wanted to make button swags and
button ornaments and many other goodies with the buttons
so she purchased several cards of them
{and a couple jars too}

when she got home and happened to look at her receipt
after unloading her goodies...


she had been undercharged

somehow the clerk at the antique store had
missed charging her for all the buttons on the cards

the lady's first and only thought was
I must make this right.

after all she had the beautiful buttons in her hand. she went to put a check in the mail.

I am so glad that integrity was instilled in me
at a very young age.
Thank you mom and dad~ I love you both so much!!



Shabby Kim said...

I'm so glad there are still standup and decent people with integretiy in this world. Bravo to you Sandi!!

Love the stash of ivory buttons you found. So pretty. After seeing them on lots of blogs, I've found myself wanting to start a collection of vintage button cards and I did just that on Saturday with my first two. Found lots of other cute things too. Stop by for a visit if you get a chance and see all the goodies I found.

Anonymous said...

It seems like in this world most people are trying to get one over on someone else.... It is nice to know someone still cares! I always knew there was something I loved about you!!
Have a great Day!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I am sure that the clerk at the antique store will find great inspiration in the fact that someone did the morally right thing, with integrity! Buttons, wonderful buttons -- happy creating! Blessings, :) Tammy

June said...

Sandi not only are these buttons amazing, but so was what you did. I wonder if I would have ever noticed the mistake on the receipt, and then gone out of my way to correct as you did. I can only hope I would.