Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blissful Living (and I met a follower!!) Post 1 of 2

Extremely happy; full of joy; experiencing,
indicating, causing, or characterized by bliss.

Blissful definition
A gorgeous store filled with vintage and home
decor items that would definitely make a person
extremely happy and full of joy.

as their business card says:
A cure for the common old

Am I ever glad that I was pointed to this store while
I was antiquing yesterday in Blissfield, Michigan.
I wish I would have gone across the street and
taken a photo of the full store on the outside.
Maybe next time I will remember.

This beautiful frame is in the window.
(as you can see I am not a good photo taker
through glass. sorry. You can also see my
reflection. I need photography classes! :)

The front window...the pom poms really drew me in.
I have some exactly like these hanging in my booth!

Love is in the air...pretty Valentine

I came home with one of these glittery crown picks.

I also purchased a pillow like this one.

LOVE...this display with the old typewriter. Makes me want mine back, but I haven't a clue
where I would put it .

Don't you just love this saying:
*In our home let love abide
and bless all those who step inside.*

Isn't this old suitcase display neat? I just love how
they mix the old and new together. If I lived closer I think
my wallet would be in trouble. :)

I stepped inside this fabulous store and knew right away
that I wanted to take photos for my blog so I asked
permission and then went to the car and got my camera.

As I was taking picture one of the co-owners was chatting
with me and she suddenly looked at me and said,
"what is your name"...I told her and she said ,"Wayside...
and I blurted out...WAYSIDE TREASURES.

She gave me a big hug and I said,
" and you are???...
She sweetly said, "Oh you don't know
me. I am a follower and I just love your blog"!

How fun is that?? I was blown much so
that I got all tongue tied and said stupid things like, "Had I known I would have seen you today I would
have done my hair"...WHO says that?? I think I got the
blithering idiot award for the day. lol. I am kinda
a foot in mouth person sometimes and that was
one of those times.

So Marian...if you are reading this
I am so sorry! I will try to do better next time.
Loved meeting you and hope to see you again!
You would also have thought I would have gotten
a photo of her and I together , but no...not this gal.
My brain was not functioning correctly. ha!

Be sure and visit Blissful Living if you are in the
Blissfield area. I pinky promise that you will LOVE
this store.
You can find them on facebook here
and their address is:
122 S. Lane St.
Blissfield, Michigan
Hours: Mon-Sat. 11-6

{more photos to come in my next post} Blessings~


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Those are beautiful pictures, the store must be like a candy store for kids... drawing you in with all those pretties!

I'm afraid I'd be just like you and forget to take a picture. Plus, sometimes I'm worse than putting my foot in my mouth... I go on and on jabbering like a mad woman... ha ha. I'm sure Marian was just like you in being surprised that she met you. Happy Saturday :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, what a wonderful place!... I think I want to live in that little town, I love the name of it, Blissfield!... the old typewriter vignette is fabulous and I love the saying as well... how fun you met a fellow blogger~follower and that she recognized you!... see, nice things happen to nice people, like YOU!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Sandi. I will have to check out that lovely store.. I am due for a trip that way soon..

Lady Pamela said...

Oh boy, do I wish I was with you shopping. We could have had such fun. What a funny story, too. Can't wait to see Post #2. Love the name of that town. Who could be unhappy there?

Petite Michelle Louise said...

well i don't live anywhere near there but IF I DID...oh i'd go there for sure! How wonderful for yo that you met a fellow blogger! Oh happy day! :)

A Cottage Muse said...

How fun meeting a follower!! I have met a few at our shop and it so much fun chatting about blogworld!!

The store looks awesome, can't wait to see more!

Irene said...

Well those are some lovely items.

Crystal said...

The store looks amazing!!! How lucky to find someone who knew you....we all say things like that...well some (like me) more than others!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!

Susan said...

What a fun story - you got to discover a blog follower in her beautiful store! It is so amazing how this blogland helps us to connect. And don't worry, I would have been stammering silly things to say, too. :)
- Susan

Dolly said...

Oh Sandi, you did the store proud! Your pictures are wonderful!

Where is Blissfeild Michigan at?
I am a michigander and would love to visit!


Donna said...

That is so funny how you met one of your followers! Such a small world, isn't it? I haven't been shopping in Blissfield for a few years, but I sure want to go now! That shop looks amazing! I adore the chalkboard in the window (and don't feel bad about your reflection, I did a recipe post today and noticed that there I was, in my apron and all, being reflected in my Kitchen aid mixer!!!). Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful store!!! and what fun that you met a follower? Very very cool!! Love the photos!!