Thursday, January 20, 2011

She plays with paper

This is my latest project. I have been wanting to to this
for quite some time now and the other night while watching
TV with hubby there was no better time to start. Are you
like that? I hate to just sit and watch that thing and do
nothing else. This was a perfect project. Just start ripping
paper and gluing it on the suitcase.

Now please don't look too close because I haven't done
this for years and I have noticed several boo boo's I made
along the way. #1. I realized there should probably not be any white
showing on the edges, but too late.
#2. I could have gone over the white edges lightly with
some stain or ink pad, but Sandi got in a hurry and
had already sealed the outside too!
#3. There are some places I had to fill in with tiny pieces
of paper and now I really should go over them with
larger pieces to make it look better.

I do love how it turned out over all though.
I just may pack my suitcase and travel the country! lol

I added a couple tags that I had made along with some ribbon and string.

I am guessing that this bag could not get lost on an
airplane...but then maybe it could. :)

Now to do something with the inside. I really did this
just for fun and to sit around, but the inside is
a dark burgundy...ugh it just doesn't go!

So what do you think? Something fun to sit and stare
at even with all the mistakes??

I am now on the hunt for more!

The first day I started this I only finished one side because
I thought "oh I need to take a before picture". So I get up
the next day all set to get started again and start I did. Never looked back until it was done! And then I remembered
that I was going to take a BEFORE photo...oh well...

Happy Thursday...may you be blessed!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Great project Sandi... Little mistakes really doesn't matter that much as I have found out with the altered art... I always like someone elses better because I found I was trying to get my perfect and that really wasn't the look I was wanting... I always like it to look old.... always staining or aging for that look. More snow today in forecast.. whoopee...

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Love to decopauge. Looks great!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I think this is fabulous! I might be a bit worried that it would never make it back to you at the baggage claim....someone would have to have it;-) It looks like a time consuming job, but well worth it.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh it would get "lost" for sure if i was waiting at the same baggage claim! :) J'adore!!

Trisha said...

I think it is perfect exactly how you did it! What a wonderful project and very inspiring!!


Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

Sandi....It looks great! I love it just like it is. The tags are a great addition. I did something similar to my granddaughter's vanity drawers instead of putting down a liner. I think it came out pretty good. What did you seal it with? A poly of some sort? Love it!!

Cat & Cricket said...

Oh my goodness!! Teach me, teach me! This is gorgeous!

Robin said...

This looks fantastic Sandi!


Custom Comforts said...

It looks great! I am just like that about having to be doing something while I watch TV, but more and more as I get older, I can just sit and watch without guilt. I think that is progress for someone who is considered "driven".

Lady Pamela said...

Now you are all ready to come to my place. The guest room is made up and nice and inviting. The coffee shoppe is just around the corner, and there is NO SNOW! You can't beat an invitation like that, can you?

Fishtail Cottage said...

Fantastic Project!! Curious where you plan to display it? Those pretty tags are darling on the handle -

WhiteWhispers2u said...

It's a grand idea, love what you did with it.It just adds that lil extra to make it perfect.~Cheers Kim

A Cottage Muse said...

I love it Sandi! Let's pack her up and go on a junkin' road trip!

Ellen said...

I love it, of course!! Anything you do is Fabulous! Yep, I too can not sit still and just stare at a tv, gotta get up and do something with my hands...


Lady Farmer said...

Fabulous job, Sandi! I wonder what you will store in it?

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Sandi, that is just too darn cute!... I love it and want one myself... that will display so pretty wherever you put it... or maybe, you will really use it to travel and everyone will want it!... xoxo Julie Marie

Babbs said...

Oh my goodness....that is beautiful!!!!! I absolutely love love love it and I think you did an AMAZING job!!!!

Irene said...

Wonderful look. You could glue some lovely fabric inside, maybe some pockets, I think I'd be keeping my magazines in it,Open.

Donna said...

I just love your suitcase, Sandi! You did a terrific job! Sounds like it will be a great place to store things, and look wonderful at the same time! Love it!!!

Sherrie said...

So cute! What kind of paper did you use? I love the look!
Have a wonderful week!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Sandi, do great minds think alike or what?~!?~ I just yesterday cleaned up an old traincase that I bought at Goodwill ~ still airing it out a bit after Lysoling it! I was going to paint it for my mother, but shoot, you've given me the hope that even I might, just MIGHT be able to decoupage it like your beautiful one!~!~ Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents