Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snowy white Wednesday

Wednesday snuck up on me yet again this week.
I didn't even realize it until I was going through my
blogroll and saw Kathleen's post. Argh! I need to
get better organized here!

Isn't this candleholder amazing? The story for this
is that I found the top of it {the scrolly part} at the
Goodwill, but it didn't have the bottom part
with it and it was not priced so I did not bring it home.
I went to an antique mall a week or so later and found
the whole thing. I know it was the same one because
the *dirt* was on it exactly like it was when I saw
it at the Goodwill. lol.

I am trying to redo my decor after taking down all my Christmas, but it is going very slowly.

We were dumped on last night with fluffy white
snow so I stepped outside to take a few photos
just for you.

Snow...snow beautiful snow.
{when I don't have to drive in it}
I will be cuddling with my granddaughters again
today...I know... such a hard job , but someone
has to do it. :)
Happy WW everyone.
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Audrey Pettit said...

Your snowfall photos are just beautiful! so peaceful and serene. Lovely candleholder, too. Isn't it funny how you had found it first at goodwill in parts.

Ellen said...

Hi Sandi - loving your decorative touches. Very partial to the trinkets you have twined around the candles, very simple shabby elegant.

We are getting your snow down here in TN even as I write this to you.... I so appreciate MI's generosity in sharing, but really ya'll can keep this one ;)) haha!!

I know you'll be having a blast with your precious grandbabies. Can't wait to hear what ya'll did!

craftymarta said...

Sandi, that is so funny, the dirt was in the same spot, What are the odds? You mention your after Christmas decor is going slow. I was wondering if you were feeling like me. It is just not coming together for me, brain freeze or something plus in my case I'm having to do the store too and I don't like to repeat vignettes. What a great problem to have, if a problem at all. Blessings, Marta.

AnthonyRosesShabHome said...

looks like the outside of my house we may have a little more! enjoy the day!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, your new candleholder is beautiful!... enjoy your cozy day inside with your sweet little ones... xoxo Julie Marie

Marie said...

Oh Sandi - they're all postcard perfect! All these snow from a lot of participants today. I love your display with the skates, soooo charming.

Stopping by and saying hello from a fellow White Wednesday participant.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Happy Snow Day

Passionate for White said...

Why is it that everything looks so pretty with a dusting of snow... Very nice pics...thanks for sharing!

Bead and Needle said...

Beautiful snow pictures...I especially love the one where the sun is shining on the final one - I loved when the sun would finally come out on those snowy days back home in CO...Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful WW post, Sandi!

I especially love what you've done with your white candles and the little charms you added to them~

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Fish Tail Cottage said...

love that little fairy house! so beautiful! xoxo

Heidi Meyer said...

I am smitten with your snow dusted conservatory! Love all of your treasures. Stay warm snuggling with the grandbabies! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
Blessings, Heidi

aimee said...

fresh snow! its so pretty.

Rebecca said...

Love how you found it again-the snow pics are wonderful!

Susan said...

Guess that candleholder was meant for you to have! Pretty snow pics you've got. Enjoy cuddling with your precious granddaughter!
- Susan

Faded Charm said...

It sneaks up on my alsmost every week anymore. Love all your snow photos. I to look at it, don't like to drive in it.

Take care and stay warm.


Donna said...

I love your scrolly candle holder, Sandi! How funny to find it at the antique shop! We sure have alot of snow. I thought it was pretty for awhile, but now I am beginning to long for spring!! Keep warm and cozy!

vicki said...

Sandi- Your snowy white photos are a true winter wonderland. I agree that it is so very beautiful - WHEN we dont have to drive in it! Unfortunately- I am up early this morning because I DO have to go to work - and I know those roads are slick - ugh!

You just enjoy those precious grand babies - you are so blessed to have them close by.

AND - the photos of the candlestick are wonderful - the Goodwill is a wonderful place - I love to shop there too!


Marydon said...

What a gorgeous white winter wonderland, Sandi. You capture everything so beautifully. I love LOVE the ice skates ...

Now I see what you did with those candles maybe I'll try something like this, wasn't sure where to go when I take the bows off of mine.

How is that beautiful baby ... growing too quickly, I know! Take a peek at how mine have grown ... :(

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs of love,

Anonymous said...

Pretty snowy white pictures, Sandi... love the ice skates! Lovely candleholder, too... great find!
Jo :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi...I like looking at your snowy photos better than looking out my own window. We got 18", lost power from noon to 9:30 last nite. Thank goodness we have a gas stove so I could finish off my crock pot dinner! I am soooo done with winter!