Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First White Wednesday of 2011

Okay here we are once again and as usual I am
not ready.
These photos will have to make do for this week's
White Wednesday. You would think I would have
it all together by now , but I don't. Maybe someday I
will but it is highly doubtful! lol.

I thought I would share a few of my Christmas goodies
with you. My daughter gave me the napkins above
and I love them!
{along with a gift certificate to a favorite b and b}
Can't wait to go...probably this summer.

My talented daughter-in-law Melissa has been talking
about doing these types of pictures for quite some time,
but I was still very surprised to open this when we
celebrated Christmas with them this past weekend. She
took all the photos herself and said that they searched
all over for a white frame and just couldn't find one. I will
either leave it as is or have hubby spray it white. Love it!

This was my favorite snack this year for the holidays.
all natural drizzled black and white
I purchased it at Walmart and have since gone back for
several more bags. {hey...they are small bags. lol.}
Everyone who tasted it said it was the best popcorn
they ever had.
It is called Indiana popcorn {but I first found it in Ohio
and Michigan}
I could eat a whole bag at one sitting if I really tried.

This is one of the gifts that my youngest son and his family

gave me and I have yet to open them.

I think they look pretty this way.

I found this at TJ Maxx on our New Years weekend
jaunt to Indiana. It has a glass insert and it matches my
tall basket just perfect that I got at Home Goods this
past summer. It was a steal at $5.99.

I have been furiously trying to get my house back in
order and it is taking too long. I am trying to clean out
and purge and it is hard when I don't know what to
keep and what to get rid of, but I am slowly getting
it done. How about you? Have you got all your
Christmas put away yet? Sorting...purging...
cleaning?? This happens every year with me after
the holidays. I feel like I just need to downsize and
get this house cleaned out.


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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, love all your Christmas treasures, the photos are fabulous in that frame!... I have got all my after~Christmas cleaning,etc done, and decided not to part with anything... I usually find a use for things sooner or later, but everything is neatly put away now... you told me the other day you were not going to work so hard!... the B&B sounds really good right now!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Sandi,
You really received some beautiful gifts.

The popcorn looks really good, I bet the bags are tiny so of course, you need more in case you have company!

Don't forget to take photos for us when you go to the B & B, something to really look forward to in the future.

Happy New Year to you!

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh the picture Liss made is gorgeous and I <3 the oils Nate got you! Let me know what you use them on. Love you!

Jeanine Burkhardt said...

Just FaB NaPkiNs!*!*!
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

A Cottage Muse said...

I am really loving the HOME photo! What a special gift! Ok, I am coming over for some popcorn, calorie free right?!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi....What a wonderful gift.. the B&B....The corn looks yummy... now I just may have to make some chocolate corn tonight....

Lady Pamela said...

I had my decorations put away by Jan.1st this year! A new record for me. Just goes to show what I can do when I get a proper amount of rest. Now I am in organizing mode. 'Nesting' I think they call it.
*smiles & hugs*

Irene said...

I think this must be an affliction we get after Christmas, this sudden need to clear out things. Resist I say, Resist.

Ellen said...

HI Sandi,

Loving the Christmas gifts and the popcorn -so wish I could have some right now!! Yum!! You do have a very talented DIL, wow, nice gift and so thoughtful.

Yep, I'm cleaning and purging too. Been on that streak since I started the Daniel Fast on 1-2-11. Serious dig deep until it hurts purging and I am sooo glad too.

Have fun! xoxo,

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

Your Christmas gifts are wonderful and I'm checking here in California to see if they have Indiana Kettle Corn at WalMart. Popcorn is my favorite snack. I think it would look cute in a glass canister but don't know how long it would last. lol I now have a Christmas shed so I have things put away but I, too, feel the need to clean out.

Miss Gracie's House said...

It is a good thing I did not know about that popcorn at Wal-Mart...I did NOT need to know:)...yes, going through *everything* here too...it's slow-going, though...but I will prevail!
THANKS so much for the sweet words about the wedding...it was so fun and such a blessing...

carole brungar said...

Hi, I loved visiting your blog, lovely photos!
Carole :)