Monday, January 24, 2011

Lovin' those thrift store finds~

It is another in Michigan today so
the plan for me is to stay indoors and maybe get some
more creating done. However before I get to that
I thought I would show you a few of my finds lately.

Still loving this Sander tablecloth. This is the tag that is
on it. If anyone can decifer for me I think that would be
wonderful. Right now it is my favorite tablecloth!

Thinking outside the box here. I found these crown
earrings on clearance at Claire's after Christmas
in their 10/$10 bins. I found four sets and they will be
used to embellish bottles at some point.
{they were regular $10 per card!}

This bottle was 1.50 at the antique store so I had to snatch it. Haven't a clue what I will do with it yet. Maybe just display??

Have you ever seen a heart bottlebrush garland? This was at the Goodwill too with the TJ Maxx tag still attached. It will be heading up to my booth soon.

This candle is so much prettier in person! I received one for a Christmas gift and I found this one the other day at the Goodwill. My first one is all used up so was tickled to find this one. They are from Kohl's.

Oh my goodness! How in the world did this little sweetie end up in my thrift store finds?? Well she was NO thrift store find at all, but I would have scooped her up had she been!! LOL

I just found these this past week. Neat silver creamer and beautiful vintage rose plates. 50 cents each.

Vintage Iris pitcher at the Goodwill as well...

I purchased this set before Christmas. It was found at
an estate sale. Have you ever seen one of these sets? The custard cups are marked Pyrex and the deep bowl
that they set in is marked Fire King.

Now I need to get busy before the whole day is gone and
I have accomplished nothing. I hope you have a
wonderful Monday!! Blessings~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Great finds.... Looks like I am in for the day as snow is falling here but Tom is going to Napoleon to do some errands.... Have a good day....

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh gorgeous finds to be sure mon amie but the best of all is that precious grand baby of yours! :) (J'adore the petite crowns as well!)

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Sandi :) You found some great treasures at Goodwill! I'm really loving those sweet plates ~ It's been well over a week since I last visited our Goodwill stores, and I'm feelin' the "withdrawal" LOL :) Try to stay warm, and yes, definitely stay indoors!

Warmest hugs, from a fellow Michigander, Brenda

Cat & Cricket said...

Sandi~ What goodies you found... love that creamer!

Irene said...

It's a Brrrrrrrrrrr day here as well. I'll be ironing. Happy creating.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... great finds!... love the little silver creamer (and the little cutie who snuck into your post!)... I don't think those custard cups really came as a set in that bowl... looks to me like someone just set them in there, and I kinda think that looks like the rack from an old water bath canner?... xoxo Julie Marie

Annie Louise said...

Great finds!! Can't wait to see how you are going to use some of the items. :) Your grandbaby is adorable!
Take care,

Annemiek said...

I'm Annemiek from the Netherlands and i found your blog today .
You've asked if someone can translate whats on the tag on the tablecloth , we'll i will try .
It's German and says: its a fabricmix from linnen [ i don't now the englisch word for the fabric???] .
Don't wash it with a liqued with bleach in it , en when you want to iron it , you have to make it al little wet first.
My engish is not so good , but i have given it a try .I'll hope you understand it .
Good luck with you're wunderfull finds .
Greetings from Holland , Annemiek

Fishtail Cottage said...

Fantastic find on those floral dishes! i collect those as well... Your's are delicious! xoox

Lady Farmer said...

I always love seeing your thrift store finds ~ you find such treasures!
I just know your earrings will turn into some treat fit for royalty! I have never seen a bottlebrush garland but yours is sweet!
How nice to find a 'refill' for your candle!
I would have snatched up that little sweetie in a heartbeat also, had I found her at the thrift store! ;~P
Yes! That is a neat little silver creamer and '2die4' vintage rose plates!
I love old kitchen ware and that blue Pyrex bowl is no exception!
All wonderful treasures for you and beautiful eye candy for me!

Angela said...

You're a fabulous shopper!!

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

Oooh! I love those plates and the garland. You must have some great stores there!

A Cottage Muse said...

Love the little for that sweet little princess!!

Donna said...

What great finds, Sandi! Especially that cute little baby:)! I am having serious Demi John envy! (your wicker covered bottle). What a deal! I never knew that's what they were called til I started blogging! I have one that I found at a garage sale, I would love to find more! Keep warm:)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I do just love it when I find something fabulous at my local GW.You scored! ~Cheers Kim

QueenBe said...

You find some amazing treasures at your Goodwill store. Not sure ours has anything that nice in it!