Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blissful Living Store...part 2

I woke up today feeling like I had been hit by a mac
truck which sometimes happens since I was
diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. It is pretty much under control, but once in awhile
this happens so I stay in and rest. What better time
to do another post of the gorgeous Blissful Living Store.

I just love the way they put all their vignettes together.

I have a wire cloche cover just like this one so I
think that means I have *good taste*?? lol.

I have a similiar birdbath that this would be
a neat idea for.

Loving these old know me and bottles.
Can't have enough to alter and sell online and in
my booth at the antique mall.

Love this idea for using old player piano rolls. I have also been tossing around the idea for a few
weeks of using them as a backdrop in my booth .

Another neat idea for what I believe was once an old
glass carrier.

Aren't these little rabbits just too cute? Adorable!

I would love to have one of these old dress forms someday.
I have a vintage one that is plastic and pink, but I would
love to have one similiar to this one.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of this beautiful store.
Blissful Living
If you didn't check out my first post be sure and scroll
down and get the info on this gorgeous place.

On another note I see that I have passed 400 followers! I am just amazed that anyone wants to read what I have
to say let alone that many people.
Stay tuned as I will be having a giveaway soon!!


Sheila said...

such beautiful displays...thanks for sharing. hope your day is wonderful!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... first off, I didn't know you had fibromyalgia... I have had that for the past 29 years, back when they called it Fibrocystitis, so I can totally relate to how you feel some days... you are like me though, and I can tell you don't let it get you down... but some days are alot harder than others for sure!... second, you should not be amazed that people love your blog, it is beautiful!!! One of my very favorites as you always share such pretty things and your posts come straight from your heart... love that shop you are featuring... those little white bunnies are too cute!... sending happy thoughts your way... wish I lived close enough to shop your booth, I am sure it is fabulous!... xoxo Julie Marie

Polly said...

Sorry you are not feeling 100% today! Get some rest! Thanks for sharing more photos of this shop....if we ever go that way again, we will surely stop by there! I LOVE that clock in the first photo!


Linda B said...

Ohhh... this tour was fabulous... just loved it. Hope I can get to that area sometime to visit.
Take care of yourself... life is fragile.

Fishtail Cottage said...

What a beautiful store full of darling displays! I really like the the idea of the birdbath with the bulbs coming up - very unique! Hope you are feeling better soon, sorry its not a good day. get some rest sweety!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hey Sandi...sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you rest today and are feeling much better tomorrow!

I love that dress form! My friend Mary Ellen from the shop I am in just got one at auction for a song the other night...sooo jealous!

June said...

Sandi I hope you feel better tomorrow. My two sisters also have F. I know how hard it can be on a body.
I am lovin' this shopping trip with you though! I read your previous post too, and how cool that the shop owner follows you and knew you on sight! Love that!
sending hugs

Fishtail Cottage said...

Sandi...i recieved the tags in the mail today (well probably yesterday...but i just went to retrieve the mail today) - so pretty, i love them thank you so much! Loving your store, wish i could visit in person! oxox

Marian said...

I hope you are feeling better today, both of my partners also suffer from Fibromyalgia. I am amazed that you ladies do all you do while living with such pain. Thank you so much again for featuring our store on your sweet blog. I feel so honored, but again the best part was meeting you! Feel better and I hope to see you again sometime soon. I forgot to ask you where you mall spot is? I would love to visit it! I guess I was so star struck I forgot to ask!!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE
that store!!
I really want a dress form
like that too!


Lady Pamela said...

Congratulations on 400 followers! You have many friends you have not yet met, Sandi.