Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh the things we do...and redo!

I recently purchased two shelving units for my studio that are made out of barn siding, painted white and then distressed. I love both of them! One has a vintage screen door on the front to close it off and this one does not.
So you know what that means...I had an excuse to rearrange my studio all over again!

This is an old vanity that I have had for several years that was in the back porch entry way, but I put my chippy, new, old table there and brought this one in here. I purchased it at a garage sale for $2.00. 

Even the floor lamp doesn't escape some vintage lace treatment. 

One of my ribbon centers and my inspiration board.

The lighting in this room stinks. I had to jump through hoops to get halfway decent photos!  I reallyyyy need to take a photography course to find out what in the heck I am doing. LOL! 

One of my stacks of vintage tablecloths, pillowcases, lace etc. 

One can never have too much vintage lace. :)

I found these iron fleur-de-lis several weeks ago at Hobby Lobby in their 90% off pile so I had to add them to my studio.

A wonderful lavender sachet that came from Little Cottage Shoppe. I ordered several of her Jeanne d' Arc scarves that she was selling at half off and she included this in one of my packages. Love it! 

This is the cabinet with the screen door on the it! 
A closeup for you of my berry box filled with goodies that I purchased from Becky over at Timewashed! I LOVE the detail and care that she puts into each package. I really need to hang these up so they can be seen. Of couse I haven't actually used anything or even opened anything that I bought from her yet. Do you do that too? I just love pretties!!

My inspiration board with some fun goodies on it.

I love little button cards with the buttons still attached. 

One day while looking through Pinterest , I was inspired to round up all my old salt and pepper shakers and fill them with glitter. Sure makes for a pretty picture. :) 

More glitter love... 

Pretty boxes...this particular day the lighting was extra horrible with shadows and everything. hee hee  

Little metal tins that I found at a garage sale a few years ago for 25 cents each. I LOVE THEM, but sold most of them and all I have left are these two. WHAT was I thinking?? Oh, the life of a creator and seller. 

The crowning Goodwill chair!! I didn't have to do one thing to this except wipe it down cause I always do that. It is PERFECT in this room. I took out the huge, BLACK, clunky, rolling wheel computer chair and put this in and was instantly a happy camper! We rolled the black, ugly chair out the door to the roadside with a free sign and the neighbor snatched it up! She said her daughter is thrilled with her new desk chair. :) I love to share, don't you? 

Here we are again...back at the beginning. ha ha!! Guess I didn't need this in here again.
I hope you enjoyed your tour of the south end of the studio/computer room. One of these days I will get the other end redone and show it also.

I will say this about "redoing" things. This room was a porch when we moved here back in 1982. The inside walls {that we covered up with paneling and then wallpapered} are a light gray board and batten!! Every day I would like to rip this paneling off and have those walls showing, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe one of these days. It also has a cement floor underneath the berber carpet...gray...oh the things I could do with that. LIVE and LEARN ...or so we hope. Ha! Happy weekend!!



Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You have such a beautiful place to create.

diane said...

What an awesome room.
It's so stinkin' beautiful ... may I have it? LOL

Betty said...

I luv luv your craft room. Everything is so pretty. It would be a joy to create in that room. Great job.

Irene said...

Love your cabinets, especially the screen door. Great re-do, and you will get to those walls someday.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Sandi, it is just beautiful!... I loved drooling over every inch of it... your inspiration board is so pretty and the whole room is just exquisite... I think your photos are always perfect!... thank you for sharing... glad I am not the only one who is prone to "do and re~do"!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sue Kosec said...

Oh gosh - I'd love to come to your house and play all day! After I wipe my feet and wash my hands though ... all that white! Sheesh - how do you keep it clean?


Pretty room! My room needs a re-do!
I'm painting my dining area this weekend.
Love buttons on their cards too!
Nice pumpkins you are growing.

20 North Ora said...

How organized you are. I'm impressed! Beautiful room to work in.


Donna said...

I love your studio! Gorgeous!

Faded Charm said...

This room is so organized...I only dream of having a space like this to craft. Mine gets fluffed and then quickly turns back into the "crap" room...literally! We currently only have a tiny aisle to walk down and can't even sit at the table since it and the chair are covered. Hope that when the rains come this Fall I can get down there and organize it again.

I also hope my Garden House can keep some kind of order to it, but I don't know how when I'm constantly bringing stuff!

Have a great weekend!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

...sigh...just gorgeous!!
Love all the little details Sandi and it has inspired me to put my studio on my Fall/Winter to do list!
Beautiful post!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I could get so much done in there--love it!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Purdyful!! ♥

Lady Pamela said...

I would love to come and create with you, Sandi. Or, just look at all your goodies. I am also one who buys from Etsy and loves the packaging so much that I don't open them - just look at them. I see the evolution of your studio since the first photos I saw a few years ago. I see lots more white! That means you are going in the right direction. lol
Great post, I really enjoyed it.

Vintage Home said...

oh my ...I need to go upstairs and clean up my studio act!
Fabulous inspiration!
Truly a delight!

Jennelise said...

What an incredible room! I love to see shelves filled with goodies :) Your collection of laces and all the pretty boxes are to die for!

Createology said...

Your creative space is a vision of loveliness. I adore how you have your treasures right where you can access them and enjoy them at all times. Creative Bliss Dear...

debi said...

Oh, your studio is divine! Love the soft color palette. I could definitely spend time in there.