Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strep infection in the middle of summer?

I have been longing to take pretty photos to share here with you. It has been awhile since I have been able to do that and it is driving me crazy. I even took a long way home today to see if I could find something I wanted to photograph and NADA! NILCH! NOTHING!  So , I pulled out the old homestead card again and just walked around my property. Love this tub filled with white flowers on my deck. I had the same thing in it last year along with  white allysum that somehow got left out this year. Hmm...someone obviously was not paying attention. *Smile*

I would love to find a whole field of Queen Annes Lace, but little bits here and there will have to do for now. I do love that prairie weed ...I mean flower!

This has not been a pleasant week around the Boothman house. It started with me on Tuesday. I got out of bed and felt like a mac truck had ran over me. My throat was sooooooooo sore and I just ached all over. I figured a 24 hour bug that would disappear fast. Not. So. Much.  It hung on and hung on...just started feeling somewhat normal late yesterday and today. Still have a little sore throat , but nothing like it was.


Hubby came home from work Thursday at 9 am. Now this is not a good sign when he normally gets home at 3:30 or later. He was full blown SICK! Same as me, but it hit him even hard that I hauled him into the doctor yesterday. You have to understand that this man NEVER goes to the doctor and NEVER misses work. He has full blown strep infection and is a mess. He is on an antibiotic and I am praying that it starts working extra hard soon so could you please pray for that too?  He is still having a lot of pain in his throat and his glands are swollen etc.   Oh yes, when he came home early Thursday, he told me that he had started to doze off on the way to work and also ended up hitting a small deer. Lord have mercy!! It didn't hurt his battered , old, pickup truck, but I think it was about the last straw for him the way he was feeling. Thank you so much for your prayers!! 


Donna said...

It looks like you have plenty of beauty around your homestead! The flowers are gorgeous - white and delicate blooms. I've always adored queen anne's lace, and have snipped bouquets of them in nearby empty lots here in our villa section of the subdivision, LOL. Free and beautiful - can't beat that!

Gosh, I hope you are already starting to feel better with antibiotics fighting those nasty strep germs. You two must have picked it up from someone else who had it.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi...hope you and the mister are feeling better! Summer sick is the worst!
Don't feel bad about not having anything to post about...I have done nothing new at home and have just been enjoying summer and loving it!
Oh...and I've been enjoying seeing what you've been pinning!!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

The photos are beautiful, but, I want you guys to get better.xoxo

Betty said...

I have always loved queen lace, it is so pretty. I hope you all feel better soon. It is horrible to be sick, but seems worse in the summer.