Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vintage Pincushion Makeover ~

Yesterday I decided to revamp an old pincushion that I had. I should have taken pictures as I went along, but alas once again I forgot. I think it is my age...LOL
This is the *AFTER* picture and I love how it turned out ~
This is the *BEFORE* picture...looks a little sad. I did love the color, however it had a lot of stains and old paint and I can't even imagine what all on it so I decided to go ahead and remake it. (you can't see the stains as they are on the other side) The inside of it had old cheesecloth covering *SOMETHING*...I think it was some type of hair...maybe horse hair...at any rate I left it all intact except the outer cover...what do you think?? Should I have left it as is ?
Praying you have a beautiful day today...
Blessings ~


Joyce said...

Oh no! It looks wonderful covered! You did a great job. It's so very pretty!!!

The Invisible Blogger.... said...

How neat. The flower on the tops is really nice. Did you make it? A big improvement, and I am sure a welcome addition to anyones sewing room.