Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's All in the Details ~

After I posted pictures yesterday of my *CREATIVE SPACE* I realized some areas really needed some straightening up, so that is what I have on the agenda today. lol
I took some closeup photos so you could see some of the details
and understand why I love my space so much...
This room used to be a porch when we moved in here 27 years ago.
We took one door out and added another doorway to make it flow with the house.
I papered it with white embossed paper that you can paint,
but I left it white.
I am thinking the size is about 9 feet x 15 feet maybe....
something like that anyways...
I don't know what I would do without this room!

I have always loved vintage hankies and have quite a stash...this is part of them~
Vintage baby hats and pretty porcelain ~ Love any old greeting cards ~
I use this rose tin for a wastebasket...love it~
I also have quite a stash of rubber stamps...
most of them are in a caddy on wheels under the table~
Love the saying on this old trim board ~
Buttons and glitter and my great grandmothers glasses...
they get moved around a lot~ Purcased these necklaces in a bunch of stuff...brought them home
and hung them on the lamp for now~
Isn't this sewing box just beautiful ~
Another love of mine...old patterns~
Hope you enjoyed your tour of *THE DETAILS* in my creative space.
Have a wonderful day! Blessings ~

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Shabby Kim said...

What a wonderful collection of pretty things you have. We have such similar tastes in what we love to surround ourselves with, from the vintage hankies, roses, pretty china, pretty storage boxes, etc. My home office space is pretty much the same. Some may think it's a little "cluttered", but I love to surround myself with pretty things that I can enjoy while I'm working from home or just spending free time in my office space.

Thanks for inviting us into your creative space and sharing photos of some of your favorite things.