Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reflection ~

I have been very busy trying to get decorations ready for a bridal shower and also trying to redecorate my back porch/entry. Remember my post about "rearranging"? I repainted the little green cupboard on the wall in a cream color and that is what is reflected in this mirror. I was amazed at how many items I had in creams and whites. Just went through the house pulling things *off and out*. I must get busy again...just wanted to give you a glimpse of a beautiful reflection.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi... Wow you really have things going... I wanted to tell you my little fountain has nothing glued.. I have made many and drilled holes through teacups ect but the easiest way especially for outside is to use the little fish pump and let it bubble and just lay dishes around it ... The Red Barn just down from me has some teapot and dishes pump complete for 40.00 They are having there spring open house today and tomorrow... Have loads of cute things....

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

You take the best pictures. I love the way the shelf is reflected in the mirror. You get a lot done.

miss gracies house said...

I like it! That's why the creams-all work-it just *goes* together so nicely!
I'm trying to get geared up to try some lampshade-I wnat to do some for the sale...I've been collecting the shades but haven't been brave enough to try yet. Yours tuurn out so pretty.
PS. Yes, I oil-base prime-just about everything before painting. The primer helps the paint to stick better, be more durable, and gets me to a white color faster and it's cheaper than paint. My husband is a painting contractor so he *instructs* me in all these things!