Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fabulous Finds ~

I thought I would share some of my garage sale and thrift store finds with you today. Love this cute cherub. I splurged and paid 4.95 for him ~ I purchased this gorgeous vintage lace runner with wide lace all around it at a garage sale. 10 cents and it is beautiful! This is a wood piece that I picked up earlier this spring. It was part of a huge old frame. I just finished painting and distressing it this past week. Paid $1.00 for this gem~
Doilies and vintage lace (and the lace edged runner in the 2nd photo)...I asked the lady how much (nothing was marked...I hate that) she said, "oh...10 cents each or a whole pile for that"...I grabbed them and gave her the 35 cents I had in my pocket. (no I didn't knock anyone down in the process...LOL) I really adore that lace edged runner ~
Do you remember this vintage frame from several posts back? It was gold? I painted it cream and distressed it too and I love how it turned out. It measures a whopping 19 inches x 24.5 inches! I also paid 5o cents for the vintage lace tablecloth underneath the frame ~
Love this little container with the rose on the side. I splurged and paid $3 for it...the ball fringe was $2 at the thrift store. I am loving my thrifty finds.

I am wondering how garage sales are doing in your area. Around here it used to be that you better get there when they open on the first day if you want anything good at all. I am finding this year (at least most I have went to) that there are wonderful and cheap finds on the 2nd and 3rd days. Didn't use to be that way, but it makes me a happy camper...or maybe I just have a *unique* taste in old goodies?? Also, I know some people can't see past the piece that looks like junk that truly can be remade into something wonderful.

What goodies have you found lately? I would love to know. Have a wonderful day ! Blessings~


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Particularly love the frame & rose applied dish ... you did well! TTFN ~ Marydon

Lisa said...

Love all of your treasures!

It makes me want to get out and go thrifting :)

The frame is my favorite.


Bunny said...

Love your finds and that little frame you painted is wonderful. It is always fun to find a bargain.

Holly said...

Love that frame piece, Sandi! We hit some good sales on sat. and one bad one! Ha! Such high prices! I felt sorry for them! ♥

Barb said...

Great treasures Sandi!!
I'm loving those cream pieces you redid.
Barbara jean

Lady Pamela said...

Looks like you got some great treasures, Sandi. The oval frame is unbelievably beautiful! I would love to go shopping with you. We would have a great time.

Melinda said...

WOW! Great finds! I have the very same cherub, or at least I think so...mine is about 13-15 inches tall..is yours?
Gorgeous frames! U did a great job!!

Lisa said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the updates!

Amanda Kaake said...

Very neat finds:) I haven't been garage saling for ever it seems. I only go to look at kids stuff mostly. Someday I'll move into the gorgeous home decor when I no longer have to purchase kids stuff. rofl!

Shabby Kim said...

What great things you found.. :-)

I love the beatiful lace runner and all of your other goodies. It just amazes me the someone would be willing to sell something so pretty for so cheap. Guess they just don't have the love of old vintage things that we do..

June said...

Well, Sandi, I would have knocked you down for that frame, but I would have helped you back up after I paid for it. Love all your treasures. I haven't been able to go much yet this year, but when I have gone I'm finding that there is always something wonderful waiting for me. I think it might be what you said about maybe some people just aren't seeing the beauty in the piece at the time.

Elyse said...

hi sandi,

nicely done! i really like how your frame turned out. so pretty! what will you do with it? i have a few pretty frames and i've misplaced their glass so i back them with fabric. a thought?


Betty said...

Great finds...I am hooked on frames...so many ways to use them...


debi @ life in my studio said...

OMGosh!! What wonderful finds! I want to go to a yard sale...I need to call my sister.