Thursday, June 11, 2009

Antique Lace & Deja Vu ~

I always have many leftover paint chip cards so I put a few to good use this week. I wrapped vintage lace around them and listed them in my Etsy store. I also printed out little victorian tags to accompany each one and I even added a vintage boutique pin to some. Love how cute they turned out~ Doesn't this lace and photo look *DREAMY*~
Deja Vu...I made the Vintage Linens sign below and sold it on ebay several months ago... ~
(photo by My Life at Pansy Cottage)

Fast forward to this past week when I was reading a post on the blog "My Life at Pansy Cottage" . I was so surprised when I saw the above photo that had *MY SIGN* in it. Sharon's friend had purchased it for her at a flea market in California. I had shipped some to California...but was amazed when I saw it on another blog...what a small world ~

I will be heading off to some garage sales here in a bit, so I hope I find some amazing treasures to share with all of you soon. Have a wonderful day~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Enjoy your day... Garage sales sound fun but I am passing... I am seriously thinking of having one by myself in a month or so. I only placed a few things on one awhile ago.

Marilyn said...

Your sign is Beautiful.... No wonder the new owner was proud to display it!! Just Love your Blog!!

Holly said...

How fun to see your work on another blog! Hope you find some nice treasures garage sailing! ♥♥

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Sandi, I still cant believe I have your sign. Have fun junking!

Lisa said...

Wow your stuff travels!! Love the sign! Your tags are so cute!
Hugs, Lisa

Nadine said...

Your lace cards are adorable...I love the pictures on them!
Have a wonderful weekend and have fun shopping!

June said...

Hi Sandy,
I'm so in love with your beautiful tags. You did such a lovely job with these. Dreamy!

Allidink said...

How neat! It's a very cute sign :)

All the best,

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love your idea of wrapping the lace around the paint card samples-how clever!!!

Can't wait to see your yard sale finds:).



Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Your lace cards and your sign are beautiful! Just like your blog! I love them all! I've tagged you on my blog, hope this is ok!