Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Doors,Friends and Silverware ~

I picked this wood piece with the handle up a few years ago at a huge antique mall. Love it...paint splatters and all...might have been part of an old door at some point. It is now part of my display in my laundry room ~
There was a parade of garage sales Friday a few miles up the road so I threw hubby in the car and off we went. I do save money when I don't take him along, but I knew he wanted to go so I agreed. LOL
What was my bargain of the day you ask?? So happy to tell you...THREE old white doors for $1.00 each!!! I was in heaven! One of them even has a glass doorknob...LOVE them! Now to figure out what I am going to do with them next~ We actually purchased the doors and went on to other garage sales and then had to schlep back home and get the truck and return to pick up the doors. I really wanted an old white dresser too, but as usual I wait a little too long and it was gone! I told hubby, "oh it was there last year they will still have it...I will get it when we pick up the doors"...NOT! It was gone! So pretty too. Oh well... there are always other sales~
These beautiful silver spoons look kinda beat and battered , but I love the beautiful handles so I picked them up too~ Couldn't pass up this friends I have to find some friends who want their picture taken with me...that may take some time. I had a photo that I really wanted to put in here of my best friend and I , but it is portrait mode instead of landscape. Maybe my son can fix that for me. Hmmm...
Hope you enjoyed my simple finds today and I wish you a lovely day ~ Blessings~


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

LOVE the door. I would love to have one to use as a desk. Fit it with a glass piece for a writing surface and viola! Of course, I'd have to use that awesome knob as a hook of sorts. You got some great goodies! Plans for the spoons?

Max en/of Elise said...

ohwow what a lovely spoons !!!

Lisa said...

You found some lovely things!

The spoons are my favorite :)


Sue said...

Aren't garage sales just the best! Your finds this weekend are fantastic! The price of the doors is quite a steal!
Glad you had fun!

Marilyn said...

Stop by my Blog when you have time. I have something for you!!

Andrea said...

What beautiful blessings! I found a few sweet little items over the weekend! One is a bust of a young woman on a black pedestal. It was an exciting find!

The doors you found are amazing! We have old doors in our little house. They make a humble cottage a special place to live.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please do return.

Many blessings to you today.


June said...

Way to score Sandi. I do love old doors. And that glass knob is a great bonus. I LOVE the spoons!
Hugs, June

Marie said...

great find on the doors! i don't know what the price of glass knobs go for in your area but here in new jersey one knob is at least $10.00 you got an awesome deal. maybe you could attach the doors and make a privacy screen or a hall tree. or use them as one big piece of canvas and create a piece of art.
such a great find lucky you.

Lisa said...

Very neat! Don't you just love everyday items!
Hugs, Lisa

Artsy Fartsy said...

You have a fabulous blog, love the chippy piece of wood with old handle, very inspiring!! Blessings, Janna

Holly said...

I remember those glass door knobs from my child hood! LOVE them! ♥
Too bad you didn't get the dresser but I guess we have to save some deals for the other girls, eh? ☺

Rachel Knoblich said...

What an awesome deal on the doors...if only I could find deals like that. I am looking for doors to separate my space at the place where I rent. I cannot find doors for that cheap. (and that's just the right price when on a budget!) Right now I do my best to separate my space so my booth stands out and you can't see other people's junk in the other booths.
Good finds lucky girl!