Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Repurposing Items ~

I love to use items in a different way than they were intended so I thought I would share a few of my ideas today.
This is a vintage comb tin (I think) that I have in my bathroom and I put lotions, mascara and other goodies in it~ A vintage planter in my kitchen holds tea bags ~
I use vintage butter pats to hold my teabag after taking it out of my tea~
Vintage teacups are great for a lot of things...they hold many items. This one is in my craft room~
A vintage vase holding pens ~
Another vintage planter holding hubbys tea bags...we like our ~
I think I have shared this one before. A vintage match holder in my bathroom holding q-tips ~
Where did this little sweetie come from? Somehow she snuck in here. LOL Before I could blink she hopped up and grabbed two q-tips...
Then hopped down and instantly proceeded to put them in her ears!!! Of course I had to snap a photograph, but then I grabbed them and said "You should never put these in your ears"...Love her to pieces...I don't repurpose her...I LOVE her to death just as intended by my Creator! Have a lovely day today.


Bunny said...

Love your storage item holders. But the cutest photo is the last one. :)

Lady Farmer said...

I love using things in ways different than intended! But some I like to use in their intended way, too! I especially love the McCoy flower pot (Daisy) in that Aqua green ~ I collect them so if you are ever wanting to part with it please let me know! :~}
P.S. Aren't grandbabies just the best?!

Anonymous said...

WOW !! Now I am going to rethink my cups & planters & tins & etc!!
Thanks for the inspirations!!

blushing rose said...

A couple things you did I had never thought of ... clever & innovative! It is such fun to come up with new ways to use things, isn't it.

I want the wee one!! What a cutie pie! TTFN ~Marydon

Lisa said...

Super great ideas!! AND what a cutie to help you show it all off!!!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my gosh. Barb and I were in the goodwill today for a good hour and a half from about 10:30 to maybe noon. Were we in there at the same time?

Elyse said...

you had me at "repurposing"!

look at the little cutie pie! sweet.


Allidink said...

What a cute picture that is! Love your containers :)

All the best,

Lady Pamela said...

How cute and creative. Love the QTip holder. That is so very original.

BellaRosa said...

Hi Sandi, Thank you for visiting my new blog. Your right Dawn is the best! She made my beautiful blog for me. btw I think yours is just gorgeous! I love all the beautiful pictures, I have saved it in my favorites to come back and visit at a more decent hour :) Rose

The Green Pea said...

Using the pretty pottery for storage, great idea. The little sweetie is just to cute! Sandi

Anonymous said...

I love the way your using the old vintage containers. I have several tubs of old milk glass & so forth that I was looking to part with but now just maybe i'll find uses for them...lols..thanks so much for sharing your ides.

Btw what a cutie she don't change a thing about her!