Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Back...but I Have Antique Pox !

I am back from my daughter's house where DH and I spent the weekend. While I couldn't really say that it was relaxing, we had a wonderful time! Seems like we were constantly going somewhere, but I loved it! We also stopped at Home Goods on the way up (and TJ Maxx and Michaels) and I found a few goodies...(will share them later )~
We went to an antique store that had this wooden sign sitting outside. It definitely had a unique setting that was so neat...will share more about that tomorrow. AFTER... I get some much needed rest.

I was awakened at 2 am this morning in DD's home by a beeping noise every few seconds and it drove me nuts. I was up out of bed twice looking for whatever it was to shut it up! I messed around with their Nintendo Wii thinking it might be that. It wasn' I stood in DD's kitchen where I thought the noise was coming from and about tore the counter apart trying to find what it was. No luck. Then I moved on to the foyer where there was a table and I definitely pinpointed that the noise was coming from there.

I yanked a game out of some type of hand held system and thought I had it licked...nope...I was back up a few seconds later to that incessent beeping again. This time I found the cell phone on the table and SHUT. IT. OFF . ( Mission Accomplished )I finally got to sleep , but it was not good sleep which I so desperately I am a little worse for wear today.

My darling GD said to me this morning right after I opened my eyes..."Grandma you don't look so good"...LOL ! Out of the mouths of babes ~
I also found out while I was there that I have Antique Pox! Can you believe it? They tell me it is not fatal so that is quite a relief, but I have also been told that it is a lifelong disease for which there is no cure (lol).
I will share more about this wonderful store tomorrow, however tonight I am so tired. I haven't unpacked or gotten anything put away yet. I probably will do that tomorrow after a good long nights sleep....I hope!
See you then~ Blessings~


miss gracies house said...

I am sorry to say (grin) that there is no cure for antique is a chronic disease with only short remissions! Can't wait to see what you've found and to see the wonderful tea you had with your daughter...I'm so glad she is OK...just got online today to read your post. I'm sure your heart was pounding...
Thanks so much for your kindness and is a difficult road.

Barb said...

I'm sorry to hear you are 'ill' and hope you recover quickly!! =0)

Can't have you just laying around you know.

Blessings on your week.
barbara jean

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you won't get over it! I do think it's an epidemic! Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

oh that's okay. i have (what i have labeled) vignette syndrome! LOL


Holly said...

Ha-ha! I could just see you looking for that sound, sandi1

And i think I have the pox, too! And with a slim pocket book- this is not good! But ya know what? No one thinks they have enough money so I'll just spend it anyway! ☺

Gee, I would love to be able to visit with my grands without being tired! That's why I hope, hope, hope they can come here soon! But then THEY are tired and cranky and... well, there's just nothing like living NEAR your family! :(

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh ... we can have a good time but there is really no place like home.... You react the same way I do to being away.... You enjoy it but it also exausts you.... I think of myself as not being right......LOL