Monday, June 1, 2009

Window Boxes and I've Been Tagged ~

I finally got one of my window boxes on my potting shed planted on Saturday. Of course the plants need to grow more and fill in, but I think it is beautiful. Looks like I need to repaint the posts too. LOL ~
Aren't my pink baby tunias so cute...they are about the size of a nickle ~
I was tagged last week by Stephanie of The Spanish Dalia to tell six fascinating facts about myself . I don't know that anyone really wants to know these things , but here we go:

1. My husband and I eloped one week before our planned wedding! (LONG STORY that will stay in the past, but thank God my mother still loves me! LOL)

2.I have been on a plane one time and that was a small private plane that my sisters boyfriend(at the time) took us up in. He had just received his pilot's license and when I think about it now I can't believe my parents let us go flying with him! I found out later it was my dad who said we could go and mom didn't want us to. Anyways I got so sick I have never been in a plane since, but I do want to fly to England someday.

3. I have had kidney stones twice and yes they are more painful than having a baby! Now that is serious pain ladies!

4.I have had Fibromyalgia since I was 28 years old and I am now 50.

5. I had my tonsils out in fourth grade and when I returned to school I had won first place in a puppet making contest. (I had made a cat out of paper mache) I have always wondered if it was really that good or if it was a pity vote.

6. When I was on the way to the hospital to have our first child years ago our car had a flat tire! I have never seen my husband move so fast...he changed that tire in record time.

So there you you like me more...less?? LOL
Stay tuned for a giveaway soon! I see I am over 300 posts now so I am not very good at keeping up with that~
Have a wonderful day filled with blessings~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

window boxes are very pretty. great stories about yourself.

June said...

Hi Sandi,
Well, I know that your puppet must have been great because I can see what you can do now. You've probably always been an artist.
Thank you so much for your visits. They mean so much.
Yes, I do like you more now.

thespanishdahlia said...

Hi Sandi,
I really loved reading more about you and I was definately delighted, especially about you and your husband eloping one week before your wedding! I can relate to that one, but I'll save that for another future post one day... I had to laugh about the flat tire on your way to the hospital because when I was about to give birth to our first, my husband drove my 7 year old niece, my mom and I to my ob/gyn appt. and we ran out of gas!!!!!! The next day, I gave birth to Tara! Fortunately my mother ADORES Jim otherwise he would have been in the doghouse!!! LOL!! Anyway, so glad that you played along and even happier that I met you.

~ Steph

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Sandi, you boxes are wonderful ... so full of lovely color.

I enjoyed reading your 'tags' ... a little more insight & a great sense of humor.

We nearly had a 4th on the Washington, DC beltway in the middle of a storm ... but I made it barely to US Naval Hospital & I delivered Sean by myself there ... that truly caught the Drs. off guard!

TY for sharing ~ TTFN ~Marydon

miss gracies house said...

Now we know you better! And like you even more...cute window boxes and the bicycle turned out darling. Aren't all of the details about *keeping house* soo fun?! I can tell you really enjoy your home.
Have a great evening!

Lisa said...

Really Cool! I love your window boxes! (even with chipped paint!) I also really enjoyed your facts! It's always fun finding out new trivia about your friends!
Hugs, Lisa

Halo Hill said...

Hi! I've had fibromyalgia since I was 30 and I'm now 52. I'm so sorry you have it too. We'll have to chat about it sometime!