Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Bling ~

I am in love with my new bracelet! I have been eyeing these bracelets for months, but didn't feel that I should spend the money for one reason or another. A few days ago I got an email telling me that everything was 40% off so it was now or never~ Isn't it just gorgeous? AND it is made with two vintage silver spoon handles!! It is so shiny and fits just perfect. She sold out very fast so I am glad I got right on the ball and got this one ordered. My daughter and I and my 10 year old granddaughter are going to a full Victorian afternoon tea on Saturday and I will be wearing my new bling. It will be just perfect~

Also, I would love to reply back to your comments via email, but when I click reply from some of you and check the properties there is no email addy. Just If you would like me to reply to you (which I would love to be able to do) you need to be sure and put your email address in your profile (I think that is where?) But then again maybe you don't want me replying to you and that is okay too. lol Just a thought~ Have a beautiful day today. Blessings~


Holly said...

That is a very pretty bracelet, Sandi! I trust you'll tell us all about the tea after you go? ☺

debi @ life in my studio said...

Oooooooh! Your bracelet is stunning! Love the pretty charm!
I've got to find that looks just so yummy!

Joyce said...

I didn't know the new Romantic Country was out!!! Thanks for that bit of info. I'm stopping at Barnes and Noble on my way home from work today to pick it up. Your tease definitely enticed!!

I love, love, love your new bling!! That bracelet is gorgeous!! I'm so glad you jumped on it, but I do give you credit for your initial reserve. Wish I could be like that. I wouldn't have been able to resist that bracelet.

Great post! Thanks for all the pretties today!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sandi!!
OMGoodness... Your braclets are 2die4... The lady who made them is certainly VERY talented!! They will be the perfect bling at the tea party.
I got the magazine last week in the mail. Funny about me.... I always wait till' I am alone, have a cup of coffee (not a tea drinker), turn on classical music & enjoy my latest magazine. I could also move in almost any of the photos!! LOL!!
I hope you have a Wonderful Day!!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

I just love the spoon bracelets ... this one is gorgeous w/roses adorning it, Sandi. TTFN ~Marydon

Lisa said...

Yes I need to get that magizine!! The bracelet is amazing! You will have a great time at tea!! I want to hear all about it!
Hugs, Lisa

June said...

Sandi, I LOVE that bracelet. Just yummy! I got the magazine in the mail and about died from beauty overload. What a way to go.

Nadine said...

What a beautiful should go perfect for a victorian tea!
Also, thanks for the sneak-peeks of the magazine...looks gorgeous!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Blessings dear!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi. Your braclet is lovely and your tea will be a relaxing event I am sure.. Everything is getting better on my end... Takes time to work your mind through it all... Blessings.


WOW...SO LOVE your bracelet!! Have fun at the Tea party!!
I picked up that magazine yesterday also...aren't they expensive!!! I almost didn't buy it...that money could go for treasures at the garage sales tomorrow...
I'm finding stuff is HIGH at garage sales here or Cheap...not much in between...and many shoppers. Thinking I need to have one before the end of the month...
I'll try not to "Covet" your lovely bracelet.
Deb :)

The Victorian Parlor said...


The bracelet is grogeous!!! Please share some pictures of your upcoming tea-it sounds like fun:).



Allidink said...

Lucky you! I would have hopped on that deal too. How fun for you!

All the best,

Elyse said...

ooh la la your new bracelet is lovely! and i will have to check out barnes & noble for the new romantic country. gosh, do you think all bloggers swoon over magazines? LOL


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bracelet! And I haven't yet picked up Romantic Country but saw that it was out from Fifi's blog...must go get it. And I would love to learn to make white slip covers too...looks so complicated though! of these days right? ;)

Lady Pamela said...

I am so glad you were able to get your bracelet. I looks beautiful. Will you be able to share photos of the Victorian Tea?
I grabbed my copy of that magazine this morning. It must have just hit the shelves.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Obviously you & I love the same type things, from your beautiful pics you share to your bling! Mind if I ask where you got that beautiful bracelet? I have a spoon bracelet that I bought in Hot Springs years ago, but it is a bit snug, plus I really love the china heart on yours, too!

Angelic Accents