Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Little Country Church ~

Olive Branch United Brethren in Christ Church...This is the simple little country church that I spent my childhood in and have many fond memories of. It was only a little over a mile from our home right on a corner in the country. As a tiny baby I was dedicated in this church, my father was the superintendent and it was here that I learned about Jesus. I remember one Easter getting all dressed up and my sister and I were allowed to walk to church that day. Sadly the little country church is now gone and all that remains is a bare corner where it once stood so majestic. Times change, but the lessons I learned here will always be with me . Blessings ~


Joyce said...

I love that church. I went to one something like that. I actually got married in it also. I'll have to go through my pictures and do something with it because it brings back such happy memories, as yours does.

Thanks so much for sharing this today. A perfect Sunday post!!

Lady Pamela said...

What precious memories. Do you scrapbook? It would make a great page.