Monday, March 23, 2009

Pink *BLOG GIVEAWAY* for a Little Princess ~

I opened up one of my linen drawers and found this shirt that I had totally forgotten about! I purchased this for my granddaughter two Christmas's ago. It was too small for her and I never got it returned so I thought why not do a *BLOG GIVEAWAY* for the little princess in your life... It is a size medium...I think that translates to a size 10-12 , but not totally sure. Isn't it adorable... It is long sleeved, tag still attached and it says, "Yes I am a Princess ...My Father is the King of Kings"...John 1:12. The words are embellished with glitter and it is an adorable shirt for a young girl who loves her Heavenly Father! I will put your name in the drawing once for leaving a comment on *THIS* post telling me who you will give this shirt to if you win (Hey... I am a curious ) and I will enter your name twice if you also post this giveaway on your blog. Just be sure and let me know if you do. You can enter to give this to your child, grandchild, niece, etc. I will draw a winner on Sunday, March 29th. Blessings ~


Anonymous said...

I definitely know who I would give it to! My sweet littler sister Destiney...she is five...and is totally a princess who loves all things "pink and sparkly" fact...if you ask her what her favorite color is..."umm, sparkly!" Like, duh...didn't you know that. She was actually here today and told me my style in a nutshell, "You love everything white, gold and from the olden days." So true. Hehe!

Dawn Supina said...

A giveaway ~ yay! If my name is chosen, I will give it to my little great niece Soraya.