Sunday, March 1, 2009

Romantic Vignette ~

I must apologize to Alice over at Painted White. She posted another *VIGNETTE OF THE MOMENT* on her website way back on February 22nd and it features part of my kitchen decor. I intended to get it listed on my blog and totally forgot about doing that until today. I feel so *HONORED* to be featured once again. Alice is an amazing photographer and artist and I love her work! Blessings ~


Paula said...

Dear Sandi,
Your Romantic Vignette was so pretty! I love how you decorate!

The purse you made is beautiful. I have that same pattern, but have not made it yet. You have inspired me to get it and and make one!


miss gracies house said...

Gorgeous! I just want to see the rest of the kitchen now...please do show:)

alicew said...

No need to apologize Sandi! I am just thankful you let me feature you again! You are a true inspiration!