Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Physical Beauty ~

I received this antique book for part of my birthday gift from my daughter and I love it! The title is *Physical Beauty* and it is a very old book that has a copyright date of 1891. I adore the pictures in it and especially the one above of the pretty lady. The chapters have very interesting titles such as: What is Physical Beauty, Causes Operative For and Against Higher Ideals, General Aids to Beauty-Ventilation, Foods , Sleep, Fabrics... The Hygiene of the Hair, The Care of the Hands , Practical Suggestions for Dress, etc.

I have not had time to read it all through, but it will most certainly be an interesting read. I realized the page above that I scanned appears crooked so I checked the book and it is crooked on the page...definitely a sign of how old the book is...still so wonderful...
Have a wonderful day filled with blessings ~


Amanda Kaake said...

I'm so glad you like it. Enjoy it my darling. I'm sure it will get much more use from you than it did from me. Love you bunches mom!

miss gracies house said...

What a fun read! Dress for health and artistic beauty! Great idea!
Are your washing machine woes fixed? It's the dryer over here-it's making awful noises-
Have a great day!