Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiny Birthday Cake ~

Our little granddaughter Annika turned 2 years old this past Sunday so we are celebrating with her tonight... I made this little cake for is so tiny and cute! It is only 5 inches in diameter. I will put two pink candles on it when it is time... Looked for the perfect know how some cards are $3 and $4 each...well I love this one and it was only 88 cents *AND* it has sparkles too...Yes I know she isn't going to care about the card, but had to get one for her keepsakes ~
Simple birthday greeting inside that says it all...
Take time to enjoy the special moments in your life and stop and smell the roses.
Blessings ~


Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday to sweet little Annika! What a perfect cake and card!

C Maisy said...

that cake looks awesome.
happy birthday sweet girl.
will you be my grandma??