Sunday, February 22, 2009

Floral Mosiac Creation ~

First let me say that I spent way too much time online last night! I was determined to get this mosiac done of my flowers from past years. This is my first attempt and I must say it was not without it's challenges. Loading all these pictures on dial-up was interesting, but I am so glad that I got it done...AND... it was *FUN*. I will say the photo quality is much better on my Flickr page than it is on here. Enjoy ~


Anonymous said...

Stunning Sandi!

I don't think I have yet to visit your Flickr!!! Off to do that now!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh I am so longing for that beauty again. Just lovely Sandi

Marie said...

lovely blog and your vignette @ painted white is stunning. i'll be back to visit.