Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Progress & A little Creation ~

I made these Valentine Hearts a few days ago and they were very easy to make. First I cut out a freehand heart shape (it took me a few tries before I really liked the shape) . Then I cut two hearts out of scrapbook paper and one out of cardboard. I sprayed adhesive on the cardboard heart and glued on the paper. Next I sanded the edges and added a Valentine banner embellished with glass glitter , added ribbon to hang and it was done. Very simple, but very pretty.

*AND*~ I can report that I have made some progress on the stairway. I borrowed my sons "Little Giant" type of those ladders that you can bend every which way or have one side shorter than the other etc. It is AMAZING what that thing can do and it worked perfect for me. Loving that ladder ...I think we need one if I am going to do much painting in a stairway. LOL

I guess when it rains it pun intended, but water got in my den/craft room somehow. I was down on my knees on the carpet to do something (can't remember what...I am getting OLD) and realized my knees were wet! So I have spent quite some time this afternoon carrying things out of that room to find out what is going on. I know we had a lot of melting from snow and ice so who knows. Something else to fix on this old house. :) Hope you are having a wonderful day! Blessings ~

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