Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Days Just Don't Go as Planned ~

Ever had one of those days...where you know exactly what you want to do and it just doesn't happen? Everything you do seems to go wrong? That was my Saturday. I had every intention of getting my stairway painted and that did not happen.
No glorious picture here...just paint chips. Decisions to make and frustration setting in. When I want something done I plunge in head first and most times it works...not this time.

*FIRST MISTAKE* ~Trying to be the thrifty gal I am , I mixed two gallons of paint that were maybe 3/4 full of their original paint thinking that way I would not have to purchase any more paint. When I started painting it was not the color I wanted at all. Then to make matters worse, I was using hubbys telescoping pole with the roller attached to the top and I kept banging into the wall trying to get it up in the stairway (this is sounding pathetic I know)

*SECOND MISTAKE* ~ I swung the pole out over where I *DID NOT* have drop cloths down, over my new hardwood dining room floor and paint dripped everywhere! At that point, I was ready to give up! So after cleaning all that up that is just what I did...some days are just not worth the effort . I was just sitting on the stairs looking pathetic when hubby found me.

His solution: *Let's go to town and find some paint... *But I am not in the mood to buy paint now ...*oh come on let's go. So off we go where I find myself in a real dilema! Do you know how many colors of white are out there? *OH MY GOODNESS* ... Snow ballet, Moondance, Sentimental, China White, Whispering Wind, Garlic Clove, Queen Anne's Lace, Delicate White, Antique White, Country White, Rice Paper, Princeton White, Berkshire White, Milk Bubbles (I like bubbles maybe this one? ) Windsong, London White, Clean and Crisp, Ice Touch , WHITE (or this one)...and hundreds of other whites! I gave up and came back home without paint in hand so needless to say the stairway is once again on hold! Whatever happened to just plain old *WHITE*...I *WILL* get this conquered eventually ~


alicew said...

Awww Sandi! I couldn't help but chuckle...because I found myself in very similar situations! And my husband is the same way...coming to my rescue to try to make it all seem not so "dramatic" even though it is...hehe!

And yes, there are a billion shades of white! Tricky tricky finding the perfect one! Good luck and I hope the painting goes better the second time around ;)

miss gracies house said...

I soo feel your pain, sister! I *hate* picking out colors and I've been doing it for a very long time!
I get a color in my mind and I never can find it...My husband is a painter/contractor dude so he does all of that hard stuff for me.
Sweet tribute about your Dad-you are blessed to have him...

Fete et Fleur said...

How frustrating! I'm so sorry. I completely understand those kinds of days. I call them my Gilligan days.

Big Hugs!


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Sandy,
Some days are like that!
I end up getting a headache trying to choose paint colors. When we finished building our home I had to choose paint for a whole house ~ inside and out!
I agree, there are a zillion shades of white, I collect lots of paint chips and tape them to the wall and observe how they look at different times of the day.

I am sure you will find just the right white ~ you have such lovely taste!

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Hi Sandi, new to your blog....saw you over at KayEllens giveaway. Congrats!

This post made me laugh....only because I CAN certainly relate....been there, as they say!!! You poor thing...I hate when the day goes wrong! If you come by and visit, you will see in my "about me" that I collect hundreds of paint strips to find the right color. I get it. How many darn whites do they have to make, just to confuse us.

Cute post! ~Cheryl