Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Snail Mail Love ~

I was excited to get my package of goodies yesterday that I won on KayEllens blog ! I absolutely adore this matted photo and I am going to find just the right place for it. A tea bag from Paris in a cup...I love tea and the little bag is too cute! LOVE this Eiffel tower keychain! This may be the closest I ever get to Paris, but it won't be for lack of trying ~
Six Cavallini file folders with Paris themed and bird items ~
Then KayEllen also added this fusible fabric art quilt that was not even in the original giveaway !
A package of no sew Sealah items...I must learn how to use this stuff. It looks amazing! Thank you for all the goodies KayEllen! I do appreciate them so much!
I also received another letter in the mail this week from Gooseberry Patch telling me that they are going to put a recipe that I sent in in yet another cookbook. This will be the third Gooseberry Patch cookbook that I will have a recipe in. I will get a free copy of it in July so I am looking forward to that ! So get out those recipes and send them never know, you might just be published!

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KayEllen said...

Oh you are so welcome!!!

My pleasure to send all the goodies!

We had so many creative friends at the Rusty Barn Show. I couldn't help but add an quilt project in...