Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fairy Roses ~

Aren't these roses just gorgeous? I took this picture of my fairy rose bushes a couple years ago. I absolutely LOVE them! I think I may have to replant though because I have totally lost one bush . It never developed into the size and beauty of the other two. I can't imagine why because here on our land we have the most wonderful black soil you have ever seen! My mom has to take a lot of time working her soil and adding things to it and I just dig a hole, plant and most things grow HUGE! If it is supposed to be dwarf plant...forget about that. It will still be large! I know...I am *BLESSED* ~

Speaking of *BLESSED*...I was getting slightly depressed this morning. I won't bore you with the whole LONG story, but we noticed this morning that our refrigerator was not working ( it is less than 5 years old!) God knows we cannot afford another one at this time with job hours cut so after phone calls and googling online hubby found the problem and got it working again. We have ordered a new part for $30 just in case it conks out again, but I am feeling very blessed that we did not have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs or a new refrigerator. Blessings to you today...take time to smell the roses ~

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Anonymous said...

Love the fairy roses, you are blessed and thank goodness your frig was a simple fix.