Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rearranging ~

I spent part of my evening last night rearranging some goodies on top of our entertainment center in the living room. Some of these pieces I have used outside, but I love them inside as well. I have a hydrangea bush that I collect flowers off of every fall. They start out in September as a pretty green with a light pink accent and then they dry to a lovely tan color ~ I purchased this angel plaque at the Goodwill some time ago and I also got the lovely antique vase cheap, but I don't remember where ~
I love anything *CHIPPY WHITE* and it fits right in with my decor ~
I am getting adjusted to hubby working 2nd shift , but now I eat more! That can *NOT* be a good thing. I usually just didn't eat lunch during the day, but now that he is home I make lunch for both of us.

The weather is much warmer today , but I think it will be turning cold again. I am ready for it to stay warm and ready for spring . *SPRING* ~ New life, new possibilities, new growth...I am ready...Blessings ~


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Sandi; I love how your are rearranging. I love Hydrangeas too, last year I planted two of them, I hope they do well this year so I can pick some... Love you vases.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi,My hubby has been home more during the day and I know what you are saying. You're right it is not a good thing. Love your vignettes and the angel plaque is beautiful.~ Sandra ~

miss gracies house said...

LOVE it all...husbands at home during the day (God bless 'em) do upset the schedule-but you'll re-adjust:)
Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement...I love coming here every day to see what beauty you have for us!

Anonymous said...

A woman after my own heart...I love it all Sandi! I actually have a plate with the same image as on your plaque! And I love the Hydrangeas...I want to plant some one day all over my garden...I love them dried too...so beautiful!