Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stairway Wall & Other Projects ~

I think I am finally done with my stairway wall for now. I was up and down on the ladder so many times yesterday that when I woke up this morning I had muscles screaming at me that haven't been used like that in a long time! I really wanted to put Wall Words above my mirror, but trying to conserve and not purchase anything right now I decided to use things I already have.

I hung an old empty frame up above the mirror and then draped it with a piece of very old fabric that is so soft! I didn't want to cut it up, so I swoshed it over to the one side. What do you think? I love the photograph in the center that I purchased from Alice over at Painted White some time ago. I want to put it in an old frame too, but until I find one the right size I just have the photo on the wall. I realized after it was all done that I probably should have offset the frame...oh well...*SIGH*

Isn't this chandelier so pretty?? Another project *WAITING* to be finished. I purchased this (with the Rachel Ashwell shades included) at an antique mall for $25 probably two years ago and it has never been put up. I do hope to actually get hubby to install it this summer. I will keep you posted ~
I love this door! I think I am turning into a gyspy!! LOL This is the door to our guest room that has needed stripped for years and this past summer I finally did it. It had layers and layers of white paint on top of blue paint or blue this is the door stripped of the paint with blue *whatever* left behind. I was going to paint it white again , but we had kids coming to visit before I got it done so we hung it up as is and it has really grown on me. I even attached a bit of lace to it with old thumb I crazy or is it just my age?
I hope you have a wonderful day today ...blessings!


alicew said...

I love it all Sandi!!! The draping looks beautiful over the frame.

Also...that door is stunning...I want to learn how to do that!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi... It is truly amazing how our likes change ... I love things now I would not have even considered in my younger years... My 2 sons are coming to Camden to work tomorrow... They did some work there and checking things out. They are in construction....

Koleen said...

Oh Sandi! I think your wall turned out so cute! I love it! And, I can understand using what you have. If I started going through what I had, there is no telling what I would find. Maybe I'll do that one day. LOL

Sister Robbins said...

Hello Sandi,
It was worth the wait to see what you would do with the mirror in your stairwell. Love the lace draped over the picture. I think I may do something similar over a picture I have in my living room. I had thought of a floral swag, but could never quite pull it together. Thank tons,

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Sandi,
I love the swooshy fabric on the frame! I have a thing for chandeliers, this is very pretty with the blue and white fabric.
Love the door how it is ~ it looks wonderful!

Lady Pamela said...

Super original idea for your stairway wall. It looks fabulous. I have that same photograph from Alice. You have really been on a roll with your decorating.