Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad ~

1933...what a year!! It was the year my father was born. I have wondered many times what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful dad. He has been my rock in hard times and the best father a daughter could ever have! I used to tell him when I was young that when I grew up I was going to marry him! LOL This is his picture as a youngster ~ You're in the army now ~
My father today~
I grew up in a wonderful Christian home where we always knew we were loved. It was shown to us every day and told to us over and over as well and I thank God every day for that. We weren't ruled with an iron rod, but with the utmost care, love and discipline that a lot of families don't have. My father is my hero and a true treasure to everyone who knows him. Happy Birthday Dad from your DD ~ I love you so much!


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, he is a nice looking man.

Amanda Kaake said...

Aw, that's lovely. I love my grandpa - he's the best!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy!!! Happy birthday to your dad! Sounds like you have a beautiful father-daughter relationship!