Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Annika and the Camel ~

Once upon a time...
there was a much loved little girl
named Annika who went to a big fall festival
with her daddy and her grandparents.
The first thing Annika saw at the wonderful
festival was a pretty lady who was painting faces.
Annika's daddy asked her if she would like
to get a kitty painted on her face.
"Oh yes daddy,"
said Annika.
So the much loved little Annika sat very still
while the talented lady painted her face.
Annika loved the kitty. {insert here: well...for a little while anyway until she scratched part of it off...lol} Then Annika's grandma noticed
some people riding a camel. Grandma wondered if Annika
would like to do this too.
Of course she did! So, the brave little Annika climbed the big stairs with her daddy and hopped up on the camels back. {insert here...well actually she didn't hop, the man picked her up and sat her on it, but hopped sounds so much better...lol}
The much loved little girl's anxious grandparents wondered how Annika would react and they quickly found out that she loved it ~
Even Annika's daddy seemed to be having a
great time~
In all too short of time the camel ride was over,
but the much loved little girl was overjoyed
with her fun day ~
{insert here...and so was her grandma, but
grandma ran out of steam. Her grandma was also
running around like a mad woman
trying to get good shots and as you can see
it didn't work part of the time..lol}

Have a blessed day~


Karen said...

She is so beautiful! Aren't grands the best?? Mine wear me out too!! LOL

Prulletje said...

Oh your little girl annika is oh so cute,lovely pictures, thanx for sharing it was fun to read the story and see the pictures ;-)

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh how fun!

Lisa said...

Oh how great! When my nephew was her age he road an elephant and that was all he wanted for years! He told us once if he had an elephant he could get the candy off the top of the refrigerator! It is so fun to experience things through little eyes again!
Glad you all had a lovely time!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Annika sure is a cutie pie. I'm sure that camel is whistling while he's giving her a ride (did you see?), guess he thinks she's pretty swell too!

Shabby Kim said...

What fun pictures to see Sandi. I'm sure little Annika will remember that Camel ride forever and even if she happens to forget, you have some wonderful pictures that captured the moment to remind her.

Hope your week is going well so far. Enjoy the rest of it!!


blushing rose said...

Annika is such a beauty, Sandi. What fun.

Terry needs prayers & support. Her hubby was in a bad accident today. Terrytreasures.blogspot.com

Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~ Marydon

the wild raspberry said...

what a fun filled day!