Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birdbath, Bling and a Book ~

This post is rather random in nature, but I wanted
to share some of my most recent finds with you.
Isn't this the most beautiful illustrated book page
you have ever seen?? Look closely and you will see
a woman and man in the background ~ I love it~
I purchased this book at Eva's anque store.
It is titled, "My Robin" and has the above picture in it
along with other black and white pictures.
I sat down yesterday afternoon and read this book.
Such a precious story about a robin
that the author befriended~
There was a flea market on our corner again this past weekend
and I brought home this huge birdbath.
I only paid $15 for it and I had hubby haul it in to the
back porch/laundry room last night until I figure out
what I want to do with it.
{it is cement and very heavy}
I may leave it in the house for the winter.
{my pretty cat Izzy made it in the photo too}
A dear friend was kind enough to give me all this bling to use for my altered bottles. I LOVE it. I was like a kid at Christmas going through the box.

I hope you have a wonderful day today. Blessings~


Anonymous said...

WOW... I love the birdbath!! You could put something like dried flowers or shells or what-have-you in it & then put a piece of glass over it & use it for a little decorative table!!
I absolutely Love old book graphics... What ever will you do when Eva closes for good??

June said...

Wow Sandi, now that's what I call a good friend! Does she need more friends?
The birdbath is so cool and will look great no matter where you decide to put it. $15, are you kidding me!!!