Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Drive ~

Loving the weather so much today here in
that we took a Sunday afternoon drive.
I wanted to look for bittersweet,
but also just enjoy the weather ~
{My hubby was even sweet enough to give up
part of the Lions game on tv to join me}
You will see a lot of dirt roads in this part of Michigan~ Spring Hollow Farm is just around the corner from us... a very lovely place, but I feel so sorry for the woman who lives there with her husband. You see she was my husband's school teacher when he was very young and he can tell stories that make your hair stand on end. I am so glad he grew up and matured somewhat. {lol} Another lovely barn on Spring Hollow Farm ~
Lots of red barns in Michigan...
...tucked back among the trees ~
This fence is interesting. There are finials on the tops of
each post and every other one is black ~
I found this kind man along the road and he hopped in my car
and told me he would cut bittersweet for me if we found any.
{hee hee}
Truthfully it is my hubby...he will do just about anything
for me.
I adore porches...
open porches, closed in porches, screened porches
A lovely fence along our drive ~
Isn't this just as pretty as a picture? So beautiful with the old barn and flowers~
Loving the chippy white here~
I feel sad when I see so many barns just falling apart,
but as a homeowner I also know
what it takes to keep these buildings up and
I understand why so many of them fall to ruins~
Look closely and you will see several turtles on the wood
sticking out of the water. We find turtles on our road
periodically so they probably come from here.
I also had a couple pictures of cranes that landed
on this pond, but they ended up blurry.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my county today~



Lisa said...

Lovely! Thanks for taking us along!
Hugs, Lisa

Sweet Old Vintage said...

What a beautiful day for a ride....

junkdreams said...

Love these photos you took. What a lovely way to spend the day!!

June said...

Sandi am I ever glad you took this Sunday drive. I sure needed one today and this fit the bill. I LOVE old barns and out buildings. Your pictures are beautiful today as usual.

Lady Farmer said...

I love going for drives along country roads! You just never know what you will come across!
I love seeing your part of the country ~ I have never been to Michigan. All the little farms/barns are sweet. They are my favorite buildings to photograph.
My youngest daughter lives in New York and I have asked her to be on the look out for bittersweet, but she isn't sure where to look. Ditches? Woodland?
Thanks for taking us on a tour of your country side ~ it was lovely!

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh how I miss hunting bittersweet. It's so pretty! Hey, tell dad he can find some old barnwood and make me a kitchen table;)

So glad you both had a nice drive. We should do that soon.

Tammi said...

Hi Sandy,

I live in Michigan as well...there are so many beautiful places to explore.

You had perfect weather for a drive, finally summer in September!