Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Quiet ~

little sweetie
trying on paw paws old glasses~
The above photo was taken
she did this ~
{does this look like a guilty face or what?? lol } "show grandma your hands Annika"...
" did you do that ? "
{at least she is very honest...hee hee}
Oh boy...
I knew it was just
too quiet
when I thought she was playing
so I said,
"Annika"...{no response}
"Annika"...{again no response}
I thought to myself
this is not good.
I did some investigating and found
my little princess
using my green gardening lotion as her
toy of the moment.
She thought it was soap and was
trying to wash her hands.
She had flung it
On the white shower curtain, on the walls, the
toilet, the toilet paper, the sink, the floor.

I would have not taken this so well years ago
if one of my kids had done this,
but I have learned that life is too
short even at the longest so I pretty much
just take it all in stride now.

Have a lovely day and
enjoy the little things.



Sweet Old Vintage said...

Quiet is always a clue... Have a great day....

Alice W. said...

So cute...and funny ;) and with a face like that how could you not take it all in stride? Darling little one she is...

Patty B. said...

Waaaaaay cute ! ! !

Lisa said...

Yes the quite is scary! hehehe We have baby powder showers when there is quite! She is very cute! It is hard not to laugh when they are so cute!
Hugs, Lisa