Friday, September 11, 2009

Precious Jewels ~

Sharing one of my precious jewels with you today~

Guess who paid me another visit yesterday?
Yep guessed it...
My precious jewel of a granddaughter
Annika ~
She adores all sorts of
a sweet little girl after my own heart~
When I found her gazing at them I couldn't resist snapping pictures ~
She picked each one up
very carefully,
took it out of the bowl,
and laid it on the top of the chest~
Stretching those
precious little feet
to reach~
"Ooooooo this is a pretty one"... ~
She put on each and every necklace
and even tried to get some bracelets on too.
Once in a while she would look at me and say, " You need to fix this one" {lol} ~
A little "oops" here ~
I was very surprised when she said,
"I love this"
and kept asking me to open it.
{It amazes what she says at only 2 and 1/2 years old}
Don't you just wonder what is going through their
sweet little minds at moments like this ~
Putting all the jewels back where they belong because...
Daddy said,
"Come on's time to go"
She just could not leave until she put
every little piece back into the bowl that they came out of.

She is one of my
Precious Jewels
and I adore her. ~

This reminds me so much of another childhood song
that I sang in Sunday School:

Precious Jewels
Little children, little children
who love their Redeemer
Are the jewels, precious jewels
Bright jems for His crown.

Like the stars of the morning
His bright crown adorning
They shall shine in their beauty
Bright gems for His crown.

Enjoy and blessings~


Piney Rose said...

She is darling - and those eyes! Little Annika is well on her way to a lifetime of treasure seeking, I am sure. I have never heard the "Precious Jewels" song - I love that.

Sue said...

She is just such a beauty! It's no wonder she loves those beautiful jewels!
Thanks for sharing with us!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Sandi, what a sweet angel she is!!! I love the photo where her head is tilted as she looks at the pretty necklace ~ how blessed are to to have these precious grandchildren! Wishing you an amazing weekend, xxoo, Dawn

Holly said...

"I love this." Wow, priceless! You're one lucky lady to have your girl so close! ♥

Judith Tetley said...

Oh what a gorgeous moment....I love the pic where Annika is gazing at the open piece of jewellry "which she just loves"....why don't you surprise her with that piece and copy of the photo when she is 21.
Kind Regards
judith from Australia

Robin said...

She is just a precious jewel! What an adorable little girl and someone taught her well to put everything back!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

She is as precious as they come.... Iam so sure she just adores you....

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh the note you left me is hysterical, not to be confused with the other "H" word! Annika is so cute, you could just eat her up! And I'm sure you do!!

June said...

Annika is such a beautiful little princess. And every princess needs some bling.

Lisa said...

Oh I know you had fun!
Hugs, Lisa

SharDon Exclusives said...

Sandi, that post made me cry...such a precious precious gift God has given just to you. She is a girl right after Granmas' heart. I think she found your "go" button. Give her a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze just from me. (They grow up way toooo fast)
Have a wonderful weekend and the Lord bless that little child.

Miss Gracie's House said...

She's such a cutie!

Rebecca said...

Precious! Just the sweetest little thing! I love her AND your other jewels.

Thanks you so much for visiting!

Love to you~Rebecca

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