Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogging Kindness~

I am overwhelmed with blogging *KINDNESS* today! Saturday after our wonderful day out at the beautiful Arboretum I had an envelope waiting for me in the mail. It was from Marietta of Sweet Old Vintage and in it was this gorgeous scrappy that she made! I love it!! Thank you so much made a special day out even more special!
Then today I was painting away on my back porch and checked outside the door to see if the mailman had picked up my packages. To my wonderful surprise there was a package waiting for me ! This package was from Lady Pamela of Lady Pamela's Cottage. I was so wonderfully surprised at each and every little thing that she sent me! Thank you so much!
This homemade card is so pretty~
Gorgeous pink rose napkins~
A beautiful needlework vintage hanky ~
*LOVE* this little soapdish with the sweet bird on top ~
Have you ever seen such a neat tape measure?? It has a tassle that you pull and out comes the tape ! Too adorable!
*CHOCOLATE*...I am so anxious to try these. Pamela said they are made right in her town of Aldergrove about 10 minutes walk from her house! YUMM~
A *PINK* butterfly galand that just says *HELLO SPRING* ~
She also had all this wrapped in a vintage linen napkin. I am so grateful to both Marietta and Pamela for thinking of me and showering me with such kindness! God knows I needed a lift and these ladies gave it to me in such a special way! I hope your giving comes back to you many times over! Blessings~

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Sweet Old Vintage said...

It was certainly my pleasure. It is always nice to give a treat to someone who enjoys the smaller gifts in life... We are blessed in our lifes with nice people like you....