Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Individuality ~

Oh my goodness...I don't know what I did but as soon as I got these pictures uploaded the page went away and it said "your post has published sucessfully"...before I even wrote anything! Thank God for edit programs! LOL

I am so tired right now from digging out and getting ready for a garage sale that I just wanted to take a break and share my childrens individuality.

I received the following cards for Mothers day and this first one is from my oldest son Jason(and family)...middle child and it fits him to a *T*. On the front it says, Mom , I know at times I'm difficult and stubborn...(and on the inside) ...Fortunately I am cute enough to make up for it". What a hoot and so true...this is my child who lives for a good debate! You better be up on what you are debating or forget about it. Sometimes I just don't bother. And we know he loves us , but he is just not one to go all ga ga and demonstrate it much. He is my "go to" guy when I need support and prayer... He is a steadfast rock when our family is in distress. Thank you Jason!
I received this next beautiful card from my youngest son Nathan (youngest child too) . He always picks out such thoughtful and caring cards and always gives hugs and kisses . He brought me a beautiful lavender/purple petunia hanging basket and spent the afternoon with us. Later when he went out to his truck he came back in with a handful of withered flowers and said, "oh mom I feel so bad"...he had stopped along a road somewhere and picked me some lilacs and other flowers and totally forgot he had them in his truck . I put them in water anyways and the smell is wonderful. Now Jason would never think of doing something like that , but it is what makes each one a true individual just as God made them and they are my wonderful boys~ I couldn't leave out my daughter and the card she sent along. On the inside it says, "...and the world should bloom in your honor". My only daughter...oldest child...child that gave us the most grief and heartache , but she got back on the right track with Gods help and is a loving Christian, mother and wife. She is so tenderhearted...she cries so easily and that is a wonderful thing. I remember a time when she was cold as ice. Looking into her eyes they were just blank. God works miracles and she is living proof. I could go on and on, but I just thank God every day for my children and how special they all are to me~ Okay...I think I am refreshed now so I can get on to digging out more things for the sale. I really am craving chocolate today too. I about tore the house apart looking for some and thankfully I did find a DOVE candy bar! LOL Enjoy your blessings today~


Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Sandi, you must be very proud, as I am also of my brood. Three boys and one girl. I Thank God and at the same time ask what I did to deserve them.
Glad you found your chocolate bar so you can carry on LOL! Sometimes it's all we need to go on - a little chocolate now and then just seems to do the trick!!!

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Sandi..

Don't worry about missing out on Teacup Tuesday this week. I know you have lots going on right now and it must be hard trying to keep track of the days and making sure you get everything done you need to.

There is still plenty of time for you to join me in the upcoming weeks.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers day and that you have some pretty special kids.

Take care..