Saturday, May 30, 2009

This , That and The Other...

So what did you all do today? I got a few new things listed on my Etsy site, crafted some other goodies, planted one of my window boxes on my shed, ran to town again, stopped at our sons apartment to see my sweet little granddaughter...basically this and that and the other.(which is what I get done most days) LOL

The bird decor above is hanging on the outside of my potting shed above a window and I loved how the sun was shining on it today ~
I received this sweet wire bird soap holder from dear Pamela over at Lady Pamela's cottage a few weeks ago. Isn't it too cute? Last week I sat it out in my entry way on a table and put this sweet little bird nest in it. Then I sat the little cement bird beside it on the table. The next day I noticed that the little bird was sitting on the nest!! Did she sprout her cement wings and fly to the nest I could this be? Then an *AH HA* moment. My adorable 2 year old granddaughter was at our house the night before and I was sure she had placed the birdie on the nest because she loves to go out on the porch and play with all my pretties. Fast forward to this week and guess what I caught my sweet Annika doing...she had taken the birdie and plopped him on his nest again. She is so smart!! (proud grandma bragging here). I said to her "does the birdie belong on the nest" and she said *YES* and then she said "ewwwwww it is dirty"...LOL What a sweetheart! Love her to pieces and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her~
Love this bowl and vintage lace pieces. I purchased these for a little of nothing on my venture out on Thursday. Just had to share them with you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Blessings~


June said...

Hi Sandi,
You have every right to brag. That's what we grandmas do. I love bragging about mine too. I love the piece hanging on your shed. So cool. I love decor in unexpected places. Your lace and bowl is a great find. Don't you love being in the right place at the right time?

Lisa said...

Very lovely this and pretty that! hehe
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Love the little bird on the nest... I think you have a future Cottage Style Decorator there!! LOL!!
Cute Post!