Friday, May 15, 2009

East Mulberry Gift Cottage ~

I had to dash to town today so I stopped by the East Mulberry Gift Cottage open house in Bryan , Ohio. The owner is Sharon Gyurnek and she is a sweetheart. I have put some of my signs in her shop (which I don't make anymore) and I feel blessed to call her a friend~

Love these thing you find out fast when you enter her shop is that she loves anything to do with birds. You will find birdnests and bird items all over the store and outside too ~
This is the outside of her adorable shop that is jam packed with goodies~ When you step in the door you are greeted by twigs hanging everywhere inside. Some are adorned with white lights, some have wire candleholders hanging from the branches and they just *MAKE* the atmosphere. Below is Sharon's checkout counter and if you look real close you will get a slight glimpse of her (wish I was a better photographer) ~
I adore these market baskets. She has them priced at 59.99 and during her open house they are 15% off. I think that is a pretty good price, but alas with hubby only working four days a week and his factory cutting down even further I didn't take one home~
Is this a cute idea or old purse with a birds nest inside~
I hope you can tell what these pictures are. They are photographs that Sharon has taken in her home. Yes she also uses a lot of twigs in her home. It is beautiful! Wait until Christmas open house and I hope to get a picture of her $2 couch ~ It is to die for gorgeous!!
Sharon uses a lot of parasol's in her shop also~
More bird nests and birds in a tree. This was a full Christmas tree in a corner just covered with nests and birds. It looked so neat, but my photo turned out blurry...sorry~
Beautiful bird plates~
Sharon has been making pin cushions for years and sells them all over the US and I think she has also sold some outside the US. She uses all kinds of containers for them~
Sharon also uses a lot of old suitcases to display her items them ~
More pretty birds and bird nests~
This twig archway is not too far inside the door and it has candleholders hanging from it~
If you are ever in Bryan ,Ohio be sure and look up this adorable cottage. It is on Mulberry Street of course. Stay tuned for the 2nd part coming soon...her garden tour ~ Blessings~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi... Thanks for taking me to the little shop... Now I can see it and save gas and money... thats a good thing. Have a good day.... I was trying to do some photos for my tea party and can't keep anything on the table... after hauling it all out couldn't take the pics.... This weather ..... at least the sun is out....

Kim said...

Hi Sandi,

Looks like a fabulous place to shop. I live stores like that.

Loved your post from a few days ago with all that yummy chocolate. Had me drooling and craving it all afternoon. I'm a chocolate freak myself. My favorite candy is the little bite size Milky Way Midnights. Dark choclate and creamy filling. YUM!!

June said...

Hi Sandi,
This looks like a wonderful place to hang out and spend some hard earned cash. I just love little shops like this. I absolutely adore the way she uses all the twigs and branches in her home. It must feel like she lives in a tree house. Thank you for sharing this delightful shop.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Oh I love those bird plates, and the pincushions. I love making pincushions and am always looking for different containers.