Friday, May 29, 2009

I Have A Plan... ~ lets see if the plan comes to fruition. I purchased this old bicycle a few years ago with plans of taking parts of my pink childhood bicycle and remaking it as I remembered it when I was small. Fast forward to now and that has not happened. Pink bicycle parts are still in my potting shed. One of these days (or years) it *WILL* happen, but....for *NOW*...a slightly different plan~

I got hubby to attack this bike with white spray paint (photo was taken in the process)...
I told you...I have a plan...
saw it in someone elses yard a few years ago. More to come soon IF this turns out like I hope it does! Stay tuned ~

On a different note did any of you watch the National Spelling Bee on TV last night?? Oh my goodness! 8th graders spelling words I have never even heard of ... antonomasia,bouquiniste,orifliamme,guayabera,isagoge,

sophrosyne,maecenas... enough to make a person quake in their least I would be if someone threw those words at me and I consider myself a good speller! The winning word was that word I COULD have spelled because it is in the Bible! Go figure! There are some smart kids out there. Have a wonderful Friday~ Blessings~


Dogbert said...

This blue was not bad. :-)
Do you keep the tires black or white?

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the Spelling Bee but I have kept up on it!! I always thought I was a pretty good speller but those kids put me to shame.....
Good luck with your "bike project"!
Have a Great Day!

C Maisy said...

it happens sometimes. no big deal. maybe tomorrow???
happy weekend!

Lisa said...

yes the spelling bee was amazing! Your bike is great! I want a pink bike! Thanks for visiting me. I will be sure to post my curtains when done. Mom is on vacation so she should get them done this week! I'm excited! Can't wait to see your finished bike!