Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Treasures~

Sharing my treasures with you that I found this weekend within the four mile square of our house.
I love this pretty old vase with the pink floral design and I scored it for 50 cents.
I just broke a bowl like these a couple days ago so it was nice to find more in great condition...these are perfect for cereal, popcorn etc. $2.00 for all three ~
I LOVE these vases...the one on the left with the swirl pattern is McCoy and it is in perfect condition...$1.00 each for the vases ~ Wicker magazine rack for $1.00...couldn't pass it up ~
I have always loved vintage baby items too and this adorable toy was no exception so I happily plunked down the 50 cents asking price...they even rattle. Are they too cute or what ~
I hope you are having a lovely weekend ~
Blessings ~


Shabby Kim said...

Lucky you!! What great finds and at great prices. I love everything you found, especially the pretty floral vase and the magazine holder.

C Maisy said...

great finds. so sweet.

Holly said...

Hi, Sandi! I love vintage baby items! They make me feel so happy! I would have snatched that magazine holder right up, too! ♥

Amanda Kaake said...

What awesome finds! The baby things are so cute! That's neat that they rattle.

Rachel Knoblich said...

Vintage lambs! So sweet...McKale's room is vintage lambs. I found an awesome vintage baby book this weekend with vintage lambs on it. I didn't have a book for him it's great for display and for keepsakes.
I love all the other goodies you found...good stuff!

Katie said...

Oh Sandi these are gorgeous finds, especially to me the wicker magazine holder thingie, what a find that is! And a dollar? WOW!